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Exclusive Interview of Mr. Karan Bedi, COO, Blaupunkt Televisions India

This article is an exclusive interview we did with Mr. Karan Bedi, COO, Blaupunkt about the plans of the company for Indian in the coming years. The company has launched some really good products in the country last year. Blaupunkt has 3 key variants – 4K UHD SMART SERIES with in-built SOUND BAR, SMART SOUND SERIES with SOUNDBAR and FAMILY SERIES TVs for the Indian market.

Let’s see what the man-in-charge have to say about the brand’s strategies all by himself.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself and Blaupunkt.

Blaupunkt is a globally trusted brand in the car infotainment and consumer electronics industry for almost a century. Though headquartered in Germany, Blaupunkt serves varied markets of India, UK, Poland, Malaysia, Romania, and South African countries with wide-ranging electronic products and equipment such as car audio accessories, mobile phone accessories, and smart home/security, LED lighting, and GPS Navigation. In September 2018, Blaupunkt came up with a new product segment, that is, Blaupunkt Televisions for the first time in its history. It’s launched in India with Trigur Electronics as its manufacturing brand partner and Flipkart as a trading partner. I’m serving Blaupunkt Televisions India as COO where my scope of work includes everything right from the manufacturing stage to the sale of the products. With over a decade of experience in the electronics and electrical manufacturing sector in India, I’m committed to laying the groundwork for strengthening the foothold of Blaupunkt in the Indian market.

  1. How has the journey been in India so far?

As Blaupunkt has been servicing the needs and interests of the Indian customers with world-class car infotainment and audio products for over decades, none can doubt customers’ love and loyalty that the brand has received in return. Quite recently, Blaupunkt Televisions India began its journey and we’re proud to share with you that we have received an overwhelming response from our customers. The number of sales and positive feedback from them makes us optimistic about the future revenue growth of Blaupunkt Televisions India.

  1. What can be seen from the brand in the future?

The growing popularity of Blaupunkt’s diverse product lines in the Indian market is encouraging the brand to further expand its product mix to cater to the rapidly evolving demands of the customers. This year only, you can spot some other consumer electronic product by Blaupunkt in the market as we cannot disclose exactly what.

  1. Can we see an Android certified TV from the brand?

Currently, all the products are on Aosp platform as it gives users more options to download the desired apps and content.
But yes going ahead we would be launching the certified android versions as well.

  1. What are your predictions on the growing trend of AI in consumer electronics?

A big leap in the industry of consumer electronics is expected by the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As artificial intelligence penetration in the industry is growing, the interaction between user and machine is also being redefined. Most of the consumer goods such as electronics and appliances integrated with AI capabilities are already enhancing the consumer interactions through latest features like face recognition, intelligent and personalized recommendations, and voice-control are proven effective in delivering a richer and seamless experience to the customers. The technology is leveraged by the market players to shape a whole new customer interaction and engagement model for attracting the customers and capture a good market share. All and all, AI is going to give the industry a much-needed boost by encouraging innovation in its varied products and services.

  1. Can we see some partnerships with content providers?

As they say, that content is the king and call of the hour and there has been a steady rise towards streaming content. We have already signed agreements with various content partners to provide the pre-embedded applications of their respective apps and it should be out soon in the near future for Blaupunkt televisions.

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