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Ex-Lionhead developers’ Fable Fortune move to Kickstarter for crowdfunding

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Fable Fortune, a free-to-play collectible card game from Fable franchise, has arrived on Kickstarter for crowdfunding. The Flaming Fowl Studios is developing the project together with UK studio Mediatonic, and has set a target of £250,000. The goal will enable the team to reach closed beta on PC.

Betting on the popularity of card games, the team is expecting more funding that the set goal of approx. £250,000. It is counting on the devotion of the players to help surpass the funding amount by a good margin.

With the game rendered free-to-play, users are in for more rewards along with a copy of the game. The users will also be granted access to forums along with a look at an early version of the game. Fancy physical rewards are expected to be in the store as well. To exalt the production value, the developers will add more content by offering stretch goals, which in turn can encourage users for spending more money.


Here’s are a few shots of the game:

The Fable Fortune game is supposed to arrive during the initial months of 2017. At the time of writing this post, the project has 744 backers and has raised a total of £24,117.

Moreover, the team has permissions to use the name and lore of the series as they have acquired the license of Fable Fortune from Microsoft. To all the gamers’ respite, IGN is already appreciating the concept after playing the earlier version.

The team is planning to launch the game on PC (Steam & Windows Store) & Xbox One with the potential for Android and iOS versions to follow. ‘Flaming Fowl Studios’ is the new company with ex-LionHead developers that is working on bringing the game to life.

Check below to know what the Fable Fortune team has to say: