Evidson Audio has launched its Sound Supreme X88 earphones in India at a price of Rs. 599. The module is an audiophile basics series and is a version of the X55.

The device boasts of a High Fidelity Dynamic Driver System packed with a Natural and Pure tone reproduction that can produce a comprehensive soundstage with precise positioning. The different sizes of earbuds. The module also flashes a Retro Earbud design and is extremely light.

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Evidson Sound Supreme X88 Specs:

  • Rated Impedance: 32 Ω
  • Sensitivity: 115 dB at 1 mW
  • Frequency Range: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  • Plug : 3.5 mm gold plated jack

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Evidson Sound Supreme X88 features:

  • High Fidelity Dynamic Driver System
  • Powerful bass
  • Efficient Sound Reproduction
  • More details, Unadulterated tone
  • Lightweight design
  • Two pairs of Soft Earpad Tips.
  • Compatible with iPod/iPhone, Android Devices, and other portable MP3 players

The company has had an average run in India, so far. With competitions like Brainwavz, Sony and Sennheiser raising the bar in the low price range, this one has to do something special to get ahead.