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Everything you need to know about purchasing a Pre-Owned iPhone

Considering how much any iPhone costs, you can’t blame people for wanting to purchase reconditioned versions of this phone. Although the refurbished iPhone 6 may not compare to the original one, some people are quite happy to settle for the less expensive option.

iPhones are some of the most popular gadgets available at the moment. They include cool features like gaming, mobile internet, large screens, long battery live, quick face ID, powerful cameras, OLED screens, dual SIM card support, enhanced audio, a vast range of colors, etc.

Moreover, experts that work for Apple are the ones who fix refurbished iPhones, and they use genuine Apple parts to do so. You also get a one-year warranty for a refurbished iPhone, which costs less than purchasing the original.

And it doesn’t stop there. It gets more exciting! If you want to find out more about purchasing pre-owned iPhones, its benefits and demerits, please keep reading.

Benefits of Purchasing a Pre-Owned iPhone

You don’t want to make any purchase without knowing all the details. So, here it is – all the benefits of buying a previously owned iPhone :

You can Test its Functions before Buying It

You can test all the functions of the reconditioned iPhone that you want to buy, whether you are buying it from a shop or a person. Since it’s a pre-owned phone, the seller can’t refuse your request to want to know all the details.

Not only will you know what you’re paying for, but you will also be able to say no if you find any of the features not functioning according to expectations. Besides, it’s always best to check everything before you make an essential purchase.

A Refurbished iPhone has Already Been Tested Out

According to tech gurus, the new iPhones usually have several technical problems, and developers take some time to perfect the phone after its release. When you’re getting a reconditioned iPhone, be sure that the phone has already gone through trial periods and crucial tweakings.

No Need to Sign a Long-Term Contract

Many retailers may claim to sell iPhones at a lower monthly rate. However, the advertisements don’t include hidden costs, which you may find out about later on after the purchase.

When you’re getting a pre-owned iPhone, you pay everything in advance, with no hidden costs attached. So, you end up saving a lot of money.

“Apple Addicts” have the Best Deals

“Apple Addicts” are obsessed with iPhones, and they would stand in line for hours to get the latest iPhone on the market. These people also sell their old iPhones as soon as a new model is available, even when they have used the old one only for a month.

These people can give you the best deals if you’re looking into purchasing a pre-owned iPhone. These phones are also in pretty good condition without too many flaws.

Refurbished Products are Environment-Friendly

Did you know that refurbished products are environment-friendly? All reconditioned iPhones are recycled and repaired. So, by choosing to get a refurbished iPhone, you’re also helping the planet!

Disadvantages of Getting a Pre-owned iPhone

Now we’re going to learn all the disadvantages that may come with purchasing a refurbished iPhone. Don’t worry; it’s not that bad!

Pre-Owned Phones Offer No Warranty

Most previously owned iPhones come with no warranty, but at the end of the day, that depends on the company or the person you are buying from. A trusted company is able to give you a one-year warranty and return policy for every purchase of a refurbished iPhone.

You Must Run a Few Checks

Phones that have been pre-owned or refurbished may have been damaged and had defects. It may have had some scratches, cracks, and internal problems.

Therefore, you should always buy a refurbished iPhone from a certified company. Additionally, check the phone’s condition thoroughly, learn the company policy, and test all the software before deciding to buy.

Refurbished Products are Not Up-to-Date

Unlike previously owned iPhones, you may not be able to find a refurbished iPhone of the newest model. If this is 2019, you may only be able to find reconditioned phones that are from 2016 and before.

On the contrary, this is not the case for pre-owned iPhones that you are buying from another person. Provided that you are buying from a trusted acquaintance, you can even get the newest model!

Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Pre-Owned iPhone

There are different factors you need to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing a pre-owned iPhone. Let’s have a look at those factors:-

Check Whether the Phone was Stolen or Not

You don’t want to buy a phone from someone who has illegally acquired it. Therefore, check whether the phone was stolen or not using the steps provided below. You have to ask the seller to conduct this check in front of you before you purchase the phone.

Follow the instructions here to obtain the IMEI or MEID number:- Settings > General > About > IMEI or MEID. Then, go to this website and enter the IMEI or MEID number to check if the seller has illegally obtained the phone.

If the website gives you a green signal, then go ahead with the purchase. However, if the site claims that the phone was reported lost or stolen, you should look elsewhere to buy an iPhone.

Check Its Storage Capacity

Older models of the iPhone have less storage capacity than newer ones. A brand new iPhone has a storage capacity of 512 GB. Having said that, an older model can only store as much as 16 GB.

Although you can choose to store important photos, music, documents, and other data on iCloud, you may need more space to be able to use all the awesome apps out there. So, when you go shopping for a pre-owned iPhone, don’t settle for storage space less than 32 GB.

Check the Battery Health

A phone previously owned for a short time will have decent battery health. There is no point in getting a phone that has weak battery life. Therefore, before making any purchase, you should give thought to how long the phone may last for you afterward.

To check the battery health of the iPhone you’re interested in, follow the instructions as provided: Settings > Battery > Battery Health. A new iPhone will have a 100% battery health. You should consider getting a phone that has a Maximum Capacity closer to 100%.

If the battery health of the pre-owned iPhone is unsatisfactory, Apple provides a new battery installation service for a reasonable price. You can learn more about this on the company’s official website.

Check if the Phone is Carrier Locked

It’s better to call your carrier company and ask if they can activate the iPhone model you wish to buy. For this reason, you need the phone’s IMEI number for T-Mobile and AT&T, or the MEID number for Sprint and Verizon.

AT&T’s network uses a particular type of LTE signal that other companies don’t. Although this ensures AT&T users experience faster service in some areas, this feature is only available to iPhones that are compatible with AT&T. Therefore, before purchasing the previously owned phone, confirm the compatibility of the iPhone model with your carrier.

Long Story Short

There is a lot to consider before you opt to purchase a pre-owned iPhone. Since it has been previously owned or refurbished, you have to be extra careful before buying it.

On the bright side, choosing to get a pre-owned iPhone is more economical for you than getting a brand new phone. It is environment-friendly and doesn’t involve any long-term contracts with hidden costs.

On the flip side, you have to conduct several checks to be satisfied with the condition of the phone. Whether you’re getting the phone from a trusted company or a person, the stakes are the same.

Since pre-owned and refurbished phones are helping the environment and also your savings account, it seems like a pretty good idea as long as you’re selective in who you buy from.

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