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Euromonitor recognizes Haier as the No.1 Connected Air Conditioner Brand

Setting a benchmark in the industry, Haier the global leader in Home Appliances has been honored as the No.1 brand in two categories globally, at the Appliance & Electronics World Expo-AWE 2023 by Euromonitor International. Positioned as the world’s leading brand for ‘Connected Air Conditioners’ and the ‘Self-Clean Air Conditioners’, Haier secured a market share of 30% and 37% in 2022respectively. Continuing to be at the top solidifies the brand’s position as the leader in providing innovative and technology-driven air conditioning solutions to customers across the globe.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Satish NS, President, Haier India said, “We are immensely proud to be recognized as the No.1 brand in multiple categories by Euromonitor at AWE 2023. This achievement reflects Haier’s unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Going forward, we will continue with our endeavor to provide cutting-edge, healthy, and smart air solutions to our valued customers in India and reinforce our position as a leader in the air conditioning industry. We will remain steadfast in our mission to provide professional, healthy, and smart air solutions that enhance the lives of consumers around the world.”

With the increasing awareness on the importance of air quality, consumers across the world are opting for air conditioners that provide clean, healthily, and fresh air. Complementing the global growth and in tandem with the increased demand for air conditioners in the Indian market, Haier India’s commitment to manufacture innovative products has remained at the core of the business, and the brand has constantly evolved to meet consumer needs.

Haier was the first company in India to introduce the frost self-cleaning air conditioners and since then, the company holds a strong market share in the inverter split air conditioner segment. Today, Haier India has been strengthening its focus on producing premium and high-end products through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Greater Noida and Pune.