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ETM Software storms onto new Technological Terrain and has welcomed a new strategic advisor – Hiruy Amanuel

Although ETM Software has evolved into one of the premier software companies in East Africa, the company has decided it is time for a change and has welcomed a new strategic advisor- Hiruy Amanuel. After establishing itself in the Ethiopian market, the company is now ready to innovate and expand its services into software products as well as AI integrated software solutions.

ETM was co-founded by Mikiyas Amdu and Sosena Terefe, who are dedicated and experienced industry professionals with over a decade of combined experience. The company is a digital product development company that specializes in building custom software solutions. To date, ETM performs on three fronts: custom web-based software solutions, digital marketing, and app development. The company currently offers and accommodates fully-personalized proposals, which its clients can track together based on their unique needs. Additionally, the company offers full maintenance support and implements the best industry standards and practices while accepting and incorporating requirements. ETM’s public clients range from refugee organizations, embassies, banks and NGO’s. The software company has always strived to make social impact a priority and have built their core business on it. So it makes sense that ETM has welcomed Hiruy Amanuel onto its team. Amanuel is an impact investor who aligns himself with social change creators like ETM.

Hiruy noticed years ago that Ethiopia was bursting with talent; however, with a lack of gainful employment opportunities in the country, top professionals were moving to more western terrain to seek out work. What we see happening is this infinite loop of talented individuals get recognized, and then getting exported, Amanuel said. Hiruy is an angel investor with strategic intent, and he has goals of extending ETM Software’s reach. With him as a strategic advisor, the tech giant will shift towards lean development refined by deep learning and data-driven AI. Today’s products cannot be called complete the second they hit the market. They must be treated as minimum viable products ready to be refined. Add predictive, integrated algorithms, and you have the perfect blend of needs-centered products. ETM works hard to provide products that build on teamwork and collaboration — offering the best sharing experience for clients by enhancing a robust networking infrastructure.

Prosumer-focused development will add an entirely new level of customization to its products. Especially with respect to data-driven predictions and projections. This innovative approach to software development is typical of Amanuel’s unique and refreshing perspective. This form of capacity building will not only strengthen ETM’s skill but increase the competency of the prosumer community it serves. ETM Software might be moving forward, but it hasn’t forgotten its roots. “I am motivated by the raw talent and the raw passion and the spirit of my fellow African entrepreneurs,” says Amanuel. “That is what keeps me doing what I do.”

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