‘Error 53’ will kill your costly Apple iPhone, and there’s no way you can fix it

Error 53 will most likely kill your costly iPhone since there is no solution to fix the error other than sending it back to Apple. Apparently associated with Touch ID, Error 53 throws up when a third party technician repairs your device.

In a statement, Apple has issued a clarification that Error 53 occurs when an unauthorized technician fixes the phone. Locked to protect the security of the device, the iPhone should be disassembled only by an authorized service technician.

However, this is not feasible for all users since Apple doesn’t have authorized service points in all locations and users are forced to approach third party mobile repair shops.

Built with the ability to verify automatically whether the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone or iPad correctly matches your device’s other components, iOS will automatically disable Touch ID including the one used to Apple Pay.

Apple further stated that this security measure is required to prevent fraudulent Touch ID sensor from being used. However, Apple urges users to contact directly their support team in case if they encounter Error 53.

In the case of Mike Wehner, who works as a reporter for DailyDot, Error 53 was thrown even though his device was not being repaired.

According to Wehner, the error cropped up when he was using the phone regularly. However, Apple supplied him with a new piece since he hasn’t tampered the security seal.

Wehner reported that the Touch ID problem is of serious nature since each iPhone is linked to a particular Touch ID. Hence, your device will become unusable unless you reinstall the original button, which requires real technical knowledge.

While Apple has not listed Error 53 in their official database of errors, the only way out to resolve the issue is to ship the device back to Apple. We dissected through the Apple’s discussion forum and noticed users posting about Error 53.

With the possibility of causing irreversible damage to iPhone because of Error 53, the issue was first reported in 2014 on the official Apple discussion forum when iPhone 6 was first launched. However, a recent report by Guardian disclosed that several iPhone devices of customers in the UK went out of order.

Unless you have availed AppleCare package for your iPhone, you will not be eligible for a replacement after the expiry of the warranty. Apple should provide exceptions and grant users a free alternative for those customers who encounter Error 53 within the first five years of purchase.

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