Enhancing the Xbox Experience: November Update Introduces New Features and Rewards

Microsoft has rolled out the November update for Xbox, bringing a range of enhancements and new features to elevate the gaming experience. The update introduces a streamlined reward redemption process through Microsoft Rewards integration, enhanced notification management with notification banners, a compact mode tailored for smaller-screened devices, expanded language support for broader accessibility, and a customizable Shift mode for keyboard mapping.


  • Microsoft Rewards integration streamlines reward redemption on consoles
  • Notification banners provide enhanced notification management
  • Compact mode optimizes the app for smaller-screened devices
  • Expanded language support caters to a broader global audience
  • Shift mode for keyboard mapping enhances controller customization

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Seamless Reward Redemption with Microsoft Rewards

The November update simplifies the process of redeeming Microsoft Rewards points directly from the console. Users can now utilize their mobile devices to authenticate reward offers, eliminating the need to switch between devices. This streamlined approach ensures a convenient and hassle-free way to access the benefits of the Microsoft Rewards program.

Enhanced Notification Management with Notification Banners

Microsoft is introducing notification banners to provide users with greater control over their notifications. The new notification banners offer the option to view only unread notifications, rather than the entire list, decluttering the notification interface and enhancing overall user experience.

Optimized Experience for Smaller Screens with Compact Mode

Recognizing the growing popularity of handheld devices, Microsoft has introduced a compact mode for the Xbox app. This mode optimizes the app’s layout for smaller screens, collapsing the sidebar into icons to facilitate easy navigation and enhanced usability on devices like the popular Asus ROG Ally.

Expanded Language Support for Global Accessibility

Microsoft is expanding the language support for the Xbox app, introducing Japanese language support. This expansion caters to a broader global audience, making the Xbox app more accessible and user-friendly for gamers worldwide.

Enhanced Controller Customization with Shift Mode

The November update introduces a highly anticipated Shift mode for keyboard mapping on official Xbox controllers, including the Elite Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controller. This feature allows users to remap buttons and triggers, providing greater flexibility and customization options to suit individual preferences and gaming styles.

The November update for Xbox delivers a range of enhancements and new features that aim to improve the overall gaming experience. The simplified Microsoft Rewards redemption process, enhanced notification management, optimized compact mode, expanded language support, and customizable Shift mode demonstrate Microsoft’s commitment to providing gamers with a seamless, accessible, and personalized experience.