Top SSDs and HDDs from WD_BLACK which will help enhance your gaming experience Top SSDs and HDDs from WD_BLACK which will help enhance your gaming experience

Top SSDs and HDDs from WD_BLACK which will help enhance your gaming experience

There has been an exponential increase in the interest amongst gaming enthusiasts who are actively looking for games that almost seem like movies which have graphics with exciting the plots. Additionally, the increase in dedicated platforms that organise these gaming leagues have also added to the rise in esports amongst gaming enthusiasts. This transformation in visuals and the need for the right gaming-focused, SSDs and HDDs during gameplay can help with better gaming experience.

We bring to you a list of top purpose-built gaming SSDs and HDDs which will allow gamers to keep their entire game library in one place, eliminating the need to uninstall and reinstall games to free up space.

WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD

Featuring a sleek and durable design, the WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD combines style with functionality. It offers up to 2TB** of storage space, providing plenty of room for storing games, applications, and large multimedia files. Designed from the ground up with gamers in mind, the device utilizes a USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 interface, delivering read speeds of up to 2000MB/s*. This means reduced load times, quick file transfers, and smoother gameplay. Whether you are loading games or editing high-resolution videos, the WD_BLACK P40 Game Drive SSD can handle demanding tasks with ease. Starting Price (As per Amazon) – INR 18,370


WD_BLACK SN850X NVMe™ SSD is a purpose-built gaming device which gives an ultimate gaming experience with device speeds of up to 7,300 MB/s* for top-level performance and extremely short load times. It delivers a top-tier performance that will help you compete at your absolute peak. This gaming drive comes in capacities of 1TB to 4TB**, which means you get to keep more of today’s games that can take up 200GB*** or more of storage. Starting Price (As per Amazon) – INR 8,698

WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive

The WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive provides with its performance-enhancing tools gamers need to keep for their gamesmanship. WD_BLACK P10 Game Drive is a top-tier external HDD which is specially built for gamers looking to expand the potential of their console/PC by saving their game library in an on-the-go form as the device provides with a capacity up to 5TB**. Starting Price (As per Amazon for 2TB) – INR 6,206


The WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™ SSD is equipped with a PCIe® Gen4 interface and advanced thermal management technology which helps maintain consistent performance. This device allows users to spend less time waiting and more time playing and streaming their favorite games. WD_BLACK™ SN770 NVMe™ SSD helps fuel in-game responsiveness and provides smooth streaming for a performance boost. Starting Price  (As per Amazon) – INR 4,309

These SSDs and HDDs are bound provide an enhanced gaming experience for gamers, considering all these devices provide with fast load times, rich visual experience, and much more.