Energizer released its smartphone accessories range recently in India with various high-quality accessories. Energizer has always been one of the leading brands for power products like batteries and chargers. These accessories from Energizer are built primarily to overcome everyday challenges for smartphones. All the accessories come with two years of warranty on them. Here are the hands on about some of the accessories Energizer bringing to India, check them out!

Energizer Hardcase Screen Protector

Energizer Hardcase is a universal glass screen protector for smartphones with a display size between 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches. It comes with a premium finish and curved edges to give the smartphone a premium feel. The screen protector has 9H hardness rating which means it’s difficult to get scratches on it.

It has a cutout on the top for the protector for front facing camera, earpiece and other sensors. It also has a cutout at the bottom part of the home button or fingerprint sensor. This screen protector also features an oleophobic coating on top, so there will not be any smudges on display after using the phone.

Energizer Power Sharing Cable

The Power Sharing cable is a cable with microUSB port attached to both ends and designed so that it can draw power from the smartphone attached to one end of the cable to the device connected to the other end. It is a six inches cable, and it can charge any feature phone using the battery of any smartphone.

Now even power, you can also share some data like pictures from one device to another with no need for Bluetooth or WiFi connection. The cable has microUSB port at both ends but with in and out which indicate the power flow direction.

Energizer Resistant Metallic USB Cable

Energizer created a USB cable for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad with incredible durability. It comes with a golden metal casing over the cord part which is also a bit elastic which prevents the ports and cable from damages due to strain.

The metal casing over the cord is all made of metal and has gold color all over which gives it a premium look. The cable is long and very durable, it is 1.2 meter or 4ft long cable which is suitable for charge or data sync.

Energizer Car Charger

Energizer also released a universal car charger for charging smartphones and tablets in the car. It is a universal car charger with a low profile, and it can fit into the pocket easily so you can even carry it around. It has two USB Type A ports to charge two devices simultaneously. This car charger has 4.8A power output rating; it can charge the supported devices quickly at the same time.

Smart Multiport USB Charger

Energizer multi port USB charger can charge up to 5 devices at the same time. It has five ports with a total output of 8A or 40 watts. This USB charger has a smart chip built in which helps the charger recognize how much power it needs. You can even charge your wearables with this charger without worrying about damaging it. The power cord is long, and it comes with two pin adapter at the end.


Energizer has its reputation for quality products, and you can feel the quality of every product. Every accessory performed well in every testing Energizer is also providing a full 2-year warranty on every product whether it is a USB cable or car charger.