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Email Tracking: Why Do You Need It?

Email provides businesses with ample opportunities for marketing and interacting with leads, partners, and clients. It is a convenient channel for transmitting important information in addition to the official website, applications, or social networks of your company. To make the most of this resource, you need to use email tracking tools. Want to know how they work and which benefits they have? Read below. 

What Is Email Tracking

Email tracking is the process of monitoring messages sent by you (or your employees) and recipients’ actions taken with them. Thus, you get access to a set of useful records that helps you optimize your work and, in particular, your marketing campaign. Depending on the provider chosen, the data set might slightly differ. However, as a rule, they all provide information about opening letters, clicking on links, and forwarding messages to other contacts. If the email you sent was not opened, you will know about it and will be able to send another one so that the communication with a client is not interrupted.

How Does It Work

When you use a tracking service, technical processes are performed automatically. You only need to write a quality and professional letter. The system will substitute transparent images (the so-called “web beacons”) and links into it. These two tracking tools do not distract readers from the main text and, accordingly, do not annoy them but allow you to analyze their activity for business benefits. Don’t worry about providing third-party programs access to your content. Trusted providers ensure the security of customer data and only use it to improve their service.

Which Benefits Does It Have

The platforms that offer such services are extremely useful for companies of all sizes looking to communicate effectively with their clients. Using the suggested tools, you can:

  • confirm the activity of an email to which a letter was sent;
  • learn about receiving and opening/reading a message;
  • be aware of other actions with a letter: forwarding it to another contact, clicking on the inserted links, and so on;
  • some providers also offer the opportunity to track users’ geography and their IP addresses;
  • since the information is tracked in real-time, you know exactly when a recipient got acquainted with a letter;
  • you will be able to track the day and time your clients are the most active;
  • based on this data, you can analyze the effectiveness of a particular strategy;
  • also, these tools allow you to identify the weaknesses in your marketing campaign and work them out.

Email monitoring is also useful for those employees who are responsible for the work of an entire team. With its help, it is convenient to track the workload of each subject, overall performance, and anticipate the possible issues.

How to Use It

By and large, all that is required of you is to choose a quality service provider. As a rule, modern platforms offer complex business solutions aimed not only at tracking email but also at optimizing teamwork and increasing revenue. You can try free trials of several companies to get acquainted with all the possibilities and choose the service that suits your business best. Remember, there are no one-size-fits-all options. Make your choice, activate the service, and get simple and quick access to the information you need.

Do You Really Need to Track Emails

As you can see, email tracking is a fairly simple way to monitor the activity of customers and partners, which has many undeniable advantages. If you want to build trust with your readers, make your marketing campaign more effective, and increase your brand awareness, you should use this tool.

Please share your opinion on email tracking in the comments. Have you already implemented it in your work? Are there any visible results?

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