Elephone Z1 with 6GB RAM now shipping worldwide

Elephone Z1 is a new upcoming smartphone from Elephone which can run 40 apps simultaneously without any lag (according to Elephone) at the same time. Elephone Z1 can do that, and you can experience it by yourself with this smartphone in your hand. Let’s know more about this smartphone and see how it can do that?

Elephone Z1 comes with a big 5.5 inches display with the Full HD resolution so you can experience content up to 4K on it. The smartphone runs on MediaTek Helio P20 processor which can mostly clarify how this smartphone can do such multitasking, but the main reason is the 6 GB RAM that it holds. Elephone Z1 is going to be in some of the smartphones in the world which come with this much bigger RAM.

The six GB RAM is not only the best part of this smartphone but also it got some features like 64 GB ROM, you’ll possibly get 54 GB out of it. But that’s not all; you can expand the memory up to 64 B more using an SD card so that you can have a total memory of more than 100 GB on your smartphone, how cool is that? The micro USB are outdated now, so Elephone Z1 comes with a USB Type-C port for charging and syncing the data quickly.

Tell us what you think about this smartphone and if you want to own it? And yes Elephone also stated that the looks aren’t the only best thing about this smartphone, the price will take your breath away as well. Know more about this smartphone here on the official Elephone website.

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