Elephone S8 to come with a Pop-out Front Facing Camera

Small bezel in smartphones are getting popular and a lot of smartphone manufacturers released smartphones with three side bezel-less smartphones. Making the smartphone bezel-less from three sides increase the screen to body ratio which looks stunning in a smartphone but creates a lot of problems too. There is no place to add a front facing camera other than the fourth bezel left which usually gets occupied with the thumb while using the smartphone.

To remove this problem, Elephone came up with an idea to develop a front facing camera that pops up automatically when you need it. Elephone S8 is an upcoming tri-bezel less smartphone which has an even bigger screen to body ratio. Like in Xiaomi Mi Mix, the front-facing camera is on the bottom right corner which makes it difficult to use the camera while holding the device with one hand. Also, you need to look to the lower right corner of the phone to take selfies, instead of looking straight at the screen.

Elephone S8 has a revolutionary front facing camera that pops up automatically from the back of the smartphone whenever you need it. The camera module on the back is attached to a sliding piece which also holds the front facing camera. The camera is also crafted as to give the best possible pictures with 18:9 aspect ratio. So, you can get the best selfies from your smartphone and share them on social media to get lots of likes.

There is a lot more about this smartphone on our website, go to the website to know more about Elephone S8, or you can go to the Elephone official website (www.elephone.hk).

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