Elephone S7 features include split-screen, intelligent gesture, smart keys and more

Elephone S7 features

A lot has been said about the Elephone S7 in past few days. The pre-sale of smartphone kicked off on Gearbest on October 20 and a while back at the appointments, it got a pretty got response. But there’s still a bit left to be said, about its features. Let’s have a look at them one by one:

1. Eye Care

Elephone S7 has a complete set of eye care system inclcuding color temperature adjustment and video frame adjustment which allows you to enjoy comfortable and harmonious videos. In addition, many users will have a demanding requirement on the light adustment during the use of mobile phones at night.

Elephone S7 increases this function where you turn on the night screen eye-cared mode, and it will greatly reduce the stimulus to your eyes.
2. Intelligent  Gesture
Elephone S7 is equipped with Intelligent gestures. Elephone S7 can be set to take a screenshot with a three-finger slide down and two fingers to adjust the volume.
3. Smart keys 
Elephone S7’s E-touch 2.0 feature has added a new smart key function. Users can double-click the home button to turn on the program set. You can go to Settings – Smart Key to do the adjustment.
4. Power saving mode 
In the performance and power-saving mode, three new power-saving modes have been added: high-performance mode, balance mode, and low power mode. Users can choose the desired mode based on the frequency of your use on the  phone.
5. Split screen mode
Elephone S7 features a split-screen mode where users can open the split screen in the recent program. Now no need to worry about chatting interruption and the on-going video watching.


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