Elephone launches special eleUI for P8 Mini

Elephone released a new eleUI interface for Elephone P8 Mini to give a specialized performance and experience for the user. There are lots of new features and utilities which one will definitely like in a smartphone to make it especially personal to him/her. Let us put some light on the features which eleUI will provide to the P8mini users.

The Elephone P8mini is a new family member in Elephone family and Elephone wanted to give it a perfect gift. Elephone P8mini will come with a new user interface created by Elephone; eleUI. This new eleUI is not only useful and comes with lots of features but is also very beautiful.

Here are some features which everyone will like in the eleUI, some of them are only to make it more beautiful and some of them make it more useful. Elephone added a new shortcut for clearing up apps from the RAM and clear it for make more RAM available.

There is also a new shortcut on the home screen which changes wallpaper just by tapping on it so you don’t have to download new wallpapers every time. Pattern password has been added to make it more beautiful and safer than before. Eyes care mode will help you keeping your eyes safe from staring at the display for a long time.

Special ringtones have been added and music player interface is totally changed. What do you think of this new user interface Elephone made for P8mini, share your thoughts with us and stay tuned for more Elephone news.


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