Elephone introduces exclusive explosion-proof protection shell for S7

Elephone Android update

Time and again, Elephone has been making sure the safety of its high-end S7. After doing the safety test of its battery, the Chinese smartphone company has introduced the exclusive explosion-proof protection shell for Elephone S7. As the name suggests, the explosion-proof protection shell will be equipped at the back of the handset.

This explosion-proof protective shell adopts TPU material. The material is tough and can quickly restore to its original shape no matter how you knead it. No scratch will appear on the phone no matter how many times you put it on and take it off. The protective shell looks clean, you can repeatedly wash in case of dirt. The company says the use of imported materials provides excellent hand feel.

The explosion-proof membrane launched a week back for Elephone S7 can be won along with the newly introduced explosion-proof protection shell. Users who make the booking can also win VR experience products.

Focusing on what Elephone S7 has to offer, the smartphone is equipped with Helio X20 deca-core processor, up to 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal memory. It comes in four color options coupled with Lumia wave on the back. The price starts at $ 139.99. For more information about the reservations, visit the Elephone page. You can also see more details on the official Elephone website and on its Facebook page.

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  1. I liked the dazzling back and the dual curved screen as well. It’s great to hear that they are giving assurance of explosion protection. Otherwise Samsung gave a big shock in recent time. My God!


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