Elephone P9000 Android 7.0 Nougat

We earlier reported that Elephone will soon launch the latest Android version 7.0 Nougat to Elephone P9000 and as promised, the Chinese smartphone company is geared to roll the update. Elephone has released a video which shows the smartphone running on Android 7.0 Nougat; the video demonstrations partial features of the update. The company stated that it will release Android 7.0 test version within this week.

Check the video released by the company:

With Android Nougat on Elephone P9000, users can experience the following features:

Feature 1: The menu bar is concise

Users can pull down the menu bar to set their own commonly used functions. Top five functions of the menu bar can be displayed independently above.

Features 2: split screen function,chatting while watching the video.

The split screen mode is enabled in the taskbar. You can turn on and use two Apps according to individual needs at the same time with the split-screen mode on. Long press any button can cancel the split-screen mode when it’s on.

Feature 3: Quickly bring up recently used Apps

Users can double-click the right bottom button to bring up the recent two used software, which can totally save time for searching.

Feature 4: Cuter emoji is added

Android 7.0 has added dozens of new emoji on the Android keyboard, which looks more vivid and cute!

Feature 5: Simple Setting

A simple setting menu can be set by pulling from right to the left. It looks cool and personalized.

Feature 6: You can adjust font size and display size in the display.

Feature 7: Choosing a language is simpler

After updating to Android 7.0, you can adjust the commonly used  language  on the menu list, hold down the right side and move all the way up. You do not have to choose the one language you want among hundreds of language selection.

If you wish to buy the phone, go the Elephone official page to know about it and make a purchase http://www.elephone.hk/elephone-p9000-specs-features-purchase. You can also visit Elephone Facebook page www.facebook.com/ElephoneGlobal.


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