Elephone announces the new Dual 360 Panoramic VR Camera

Elephone released a new camera for smartphones which can convert your smartphone into a 360 degrees panorama pictures and VR video capturing device. You don’t have to buy special equipment to shoot VR videos; now you can do it with your phone and this little dual 360 degrees panoramic camera. You can also share the videos or panoramic pictures with your friends directly from your smartphone, or you can live stream the video to your friends and family members.

Elephone is the second smartphone brand releasing a 360-degree video capturing camera, Samsung already released its camera for Android smartphones. Elephone dual 360 panoramic camera is easy to use and setting it up with your Android smartphone also easy. You just have to download the Elephone 360 degrees camera app on your Android smartphone and connect this camera using the app.

Elephone 360 degrees cameras are portable and light; you can fit one in your pocket and travel anywhere. Travel to exotic locations and create memories which you can relive using VR technology, create 360 videos and show them to your friends. And to create even more immersive virtual reality experience using the lenses attachments, it comes with 360 degrees X 360 degrees fisheye lenses.

Elephone made virtual reality simple so everyone can create their own masterpiece and show it to others. Tell us what you think about the 360 degrees VR camera from Elephone, also tell us what features you want to see in the VR camera. Stay tuned to PC Tablet for more information about this VR camera from Elephone.

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