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Electrolux introduces complete kitchen solutions in India, launches its built-in range of appliances

Electrolux, a leading appliance brand with more than 100 years of shaping living for the better, today announced the launch of its built-in range of appliances in the Indian market, further expanding its product portfolio. The range comprises microwaves, ovens, hobs, and cooker hoods alongside a range of dishwashers and coffee makers. The product range has a clean, Scandinavian style that ups the premium appeal and caters to the evolving demands of modern customers to help them create delicious tastes effortlessly.

The built-in appliances include the UltimateTaste (500, 700, and 900) range of microwaves, UltimateTaste (300, 500, 700, and 900) range of ovens – along with an UltimateTaste 700 with warm drawer – followed by UltimateTaste (300, 500, 700, and 900) range of hobs. It also comprises of the UltimateTaste (500 and 700) range of cooker hoods, UltimateCare (300, 500, and 700) range of dishwashers, and an UltimateTaste (900) coffee maker.

Speaking on the occasion; Mr. Sudhir Patil, Commercial Director said, “We are delighted to introduce the vast built-in range in the Indian market. We understand everyday life and the perplexity between eating what is “best” and what is “doable.” It has to be effortless and joyful to cook and eat sustainably, and the built-in range is a testament to the same.”

UltimateTaste Microwaves

The UltimateTaste microwave range commences from the 60cm UltimateTaste 500 built-in grill microwave oven and tops up at 60cm UltimateTaste 900 built-in combination microwave. The various pre-set programmes in the Electrolux microwave range intelligently use the proper time and power settings to intuitively prepare a broad variety of dishes, whether they are fresh fish or nutritious vegetables. It also has a special Airfry function which delivers that delightful fried taste and texture, with minimal oil.

UltimateTaste Ovens

The UltimateTaste oven range offers a complete cooking solution for its users. Whether its grilling, roasting, steaming, or baking, the goal is to enhance the flavour of food. The range comprises of the Ultimate Taste 300, 500, 700 and 900 with a 60 cm configuration and up to 72L of capacity. The whole range allows its users to cook like a professional at home due to the well-designed meal settings provided. It also comes with a unique steamify function that can cook food deliciously while keeping all the moisture and nutrients intact. Traditional options include conventional and fan-assisted ovens, while Electrolux’s steam ovens with Steam function are a healthier alternative.

The oven range also comprises of the 60cm UltimateTaste 700 with a built-in warming drawer with a 6 plate settings capacity. A warming drawer is capable of much more than simply keeping plates and food warm. It is an all-in-one multipurpose device that can defrost frozen food, proof dough, ferment yoghurt, and even dehydrate fruit.

UltimateTaste Hobs

Electrolux UltimateTaste hobs comes in an extensive range with as many as 11 hobs in the overall product portfolio. These are ideal for all types of kitchens and come with the option of gas hobs, induction hobs and hybrid hobs.  The hob ranges from 31cm to 90 cm with 3,4 and 5 cooking zone options. They have a StepFlame feature that delivers precise heat control for a variety of techniques and dishes. The range also comes with a FlameShield trivet that efficiently channels intense heat to the cooking process with less heat loss for even cooking and lower energy bills.

Induction hobs from Electrolux, meanwhile, are quick, effective, and incredibly simple to use and clean. Electrolux induction hobs come with a SenseFry function that measures heat under the pan and automatically adjusts to deliver evenly cooked dishes.

The Hybrid hob brings the best of both worlds to match your cooking method. 

UltimateTaste Cooker Hoods

Hoods are critical when it comes to circulating air from a kitchen to keep it pleasant and fresh. They assist in providing the proper ambience and tastefully complement the kitchen design. Electrolux’s UltimateTaste range comes in the 300, 500 and 700 series providing kitchen coverage from 180 Sq,ft to 470 Sq.ft. Hob2Hood automatically turns on when a compatible Electrolux hob is in use and adjusts the fan speed based on how the user uses the hob. The hoods are designed to clean itself automatically with Auto-Heat Clean and feature gesture control for hands-free operation. Also, consist of a centrifugal motor that works efficiently to minimize your energy consumption.

UltimateCare Dishwashers

The dishwashers ensure that delicate dinnerware like plates and glasses can be thoroughly cleaned without damage.  The Electrolux range of award-winning UltimateCare dishwasher starts from 60cm UltimateCare 500 fully integrated dishwasher with 13 place settings and it tops up at 60cm UltimateCare 700 fully integrated dishwasher with 14 place settings. It has a SatelliteClean function for thorough cleaning for India style of cooking. Electrolux dishwashers also offer an Eco program that helps you save more water and energy with extra-efficient cleaning.


UltimateTaste Coffee Maker

The UltimateTaste 900 built-in coffee maker 56cm is a completely automatic coffee machine which is intuitive and features a sophisticated user interface to control the amount and type of caffeine ranging from light to intense. It is available in a 2.5L model. This coffee machine can also fill two cups at once which is perfect for the occasion when you want to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee with a friend.


The varied range of Electrolux built-in UltimateTaste and UltimateCare range are available across major retail stores.

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