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Eight best tips to help choose the best HR System for your Business


Investing in an HR system can be one of the best choices for management and HR teams in any sector.  Those supplied by Cezanne HR can offer custom packages to suit any need, so even if you have a particularly complex business, you can still find something that suits you. They streamline processes and alleviated monotonous tasks for staff, allowing them to concentrate on more profitable duties.

However, with so many providers and variations available, how can we tell which one is right for us? Especially with so many of us working remotely at this time, it’s important to implement systems that can help ease any working-from-home burdens. Below are 8 tops tips to help choose the right HR management system for your business and how to avoid making the wrong choice.

1. Be Clear On What You Need

It’s easy to say you want an HR system to make things easier, but what are those elements? Take the time to really think about what you are wanting to achieve from an HR management system.


Suppliers typically have different package levels, each offering various tools. Mistakes can be made by purchasing elements that you don’t actually need, or you could opt for smaller packages that don’t actually provide many benefits for what you are wanting to accomplish.

Be specific when outlining the tasks you want to streamline when making an enquiry, the sales teams at the end of the line will be able to provide you with a much better service if you avoid ambiguous requirements.

2. Thorough Research

Technology is constantly evolving and HR systems are doing the same. There are various, well-established vendors who have been top of their game for many years, but are they keeping up with the latest technology and features?

Do your research into the latest features and see if these have been implemented with suppliers. New doesn’t always mean better though. If you are able, speak to contacts within your sector who may already be using and HR management systems and ask them what is and isn’t working for them.

Online reviews also give a great indication of what other businesses think of features and suppliers. Reading reviews on impartial websites can be incredibly valuable.

3. Assign a Project Manager

While choosing your HR system may be a task for a director or manager, you need to consider who will be running this on a daily basis and what if doing so could impede on current roles.

Although this wouldn’t be a full-time role, someone needs to be responsible for training staff to use this system and to be the point of contact should there be any queries or problems.

This person will be responsible for contacting your supplier should any issues arise and if the vendor does not have an efficient customer service, this could lead to a lot of wasted time.

Any staff member who is being considered for this role should be consulted when choosing the system. Some employees would prefer to call customer services, others prefer email or online instant messaging.

Therefore, knowing what the vendor has to offer with their customer services from the start is imperative.

4. Make Sure It’s User Friendly

You may be incredibly IT proficient, but that doesn’t mean everyone in the office is. HR systems can be incredibly simple to over-complex, all depending on what you choose.

Even after training staff on the ins and outs of any system, if it isn’t user friendly, they may be reluctant to use this, leading to a wasted investment of time and money.

If you are receiving a demo of HR software from a sales team and you feel their technology could be hard to follow, it is highly likely others may struggle.

Remember, HR systems are meant to improve efficiency and reduce wasted man-hours. If staff is having to increase their task time with having to weave through complicated pages and clicks, then it could be counterproductive.

5. Ensure Easy Access

While most HR management systems are cloud-based, meaning you can access them anywhere at any time, it doesn’t mean every device is compatible.

Desktops and laptops will happily support these systems but aren’t the most practical for quick and easy access.

It is incredibly common for staff to access their work via mobile and tablet devices, especially during commutes or travelling to meet clients. Having to open up laptops and login to complete a quick task is arduous and may mean that messages are not picked up for long periods of time.

Making sure your chosen system is compatible with all smart devices can be incredibly worthwhile. Some vendors have even created apps that run alongside desktop versions.

6. Check Compatibility

The majority of businesses have some form of software already in use. Checking that HR systems can be integrated into these is crucial.

In doing so, you can ensure the current systems you have in place can work in tandem with your news ones, meaning staff will not have to be retrained and can continue using systems they are familiar with.

Data can also be transferred between the two, reducing the time taken to input this manually.

7. Ask The Team

While it may not be conducive to review every system available with all team members, you can certainly ask them about the main components of them.

After all, HR teams are the ones who will be using these management systems the most, so they need to feel comfortable with them.

They will also be able to provide an insight into hurdles they have come across during their role that these systems could provide a solution to.

8. Be Flexible With Budget

While it is important to not spend what your business can’t afford, sometimes it’s better to go over your budget rather than settle for an inadequate system.

While basic packages maybe within your costing, will they provide value for money? You may find stretching that budget will provide more benefits in the future.

It’s important to take the time and do your research before jumping into a new purchase of software. With the above tips, you should now have a good idea of exactly what to look for when choosing your HR management system.

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