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Effective Tactics to Build a Secure and Compliant Online Business Presence

The year 2021 was deemed the year of digitalization. With over 80 percent of the globe shopping online, it is now more important than ever for businesses to focus on building their presence online. From the use of digital marketing for your business to implementing digital payment gateways, every aspect of your business is increasingly becoming digital and making the case for your business’s online presence to be solid. Even if your marketing strategy hits all the right spots for your target market and generates climbing sales, failing to have a secure and compliant business online can jeopardize your sales, your future income and your relationships with both customers and suppliers. Similarly, with online activity and purchasing behaviour ramping up in the last year (and expected to continue) compliance laws are coming to the forefront- something you need to keep in mind when creating a business presence online.
Implement GDPR Audits Before Publishing Online Content
Before publishing any material aimed at building a brand presence online, aim to carry out an initial audit to assess whether your business is adhering to the relevant legal frameworks it operates under. One good example is the GDPR regulations which may not apply to the published content on your website but will affect communications with visitors to your business website, which can only be done if they give their permission to opt-in to such communications.
Don’t Forget to Make Your Content And Website Accessible To Meet ADA Compliance
Unfortunately, while digitalization of the business has accelerated, 97 percent of the worldwide web remains inaccessible. With over 70 percent of the world’s population living with a diagnosed disability, your business could be losing out on valuable sales and also missing the mark with accessibility compliance. To avoid this, incorporate accessibility into your website development. Additionally, businesses can opt to use a web browser extension for accessibility such as Stark for Chrome, Wave or Spectrum. For instance, Spectrum tests your web pages for the different types of vision deficiencies- critical in making your branding content appealing to the vision impaired. Additionally, to prove website compliance with accessibility regulations like ACA, a website archiving service can help with the generation of ISO/WORM compliant records.
Provide Options for GDPR Protection With User Generated Content 
User generated content is a commonly used and often effective tool in building online presence. Known as the bread and butter of marketing on social media, businesses can build on user reviews, testimonials and even hashtags to generate visibility for their brand. It is also one of the easiest ways to build brand loyalty and a clever, cost-effective way of getting customers to promote your brand for you. As a result, user generated content drives trust sales.
However, with user generated content your business loses some of the control of the content being put out there. There is also the issue of GDPR for those that participate in user generated content. Therefore, as a business relying on user generated content you must ensure that you have the right mechanisms in place to protect their personal data or remove it completely should they wish to. In doing this, consider your legal stance on certain kinds of user generated content such as user reviews, comments, and message boards. One solution is the drafting of Terms and Conditions for your website for anyone visiting your business website.
Building a solid online presence as a business centres around much more than creating alluring content. Businesses must now strive to adhere to emerging compliance regulations while still capturing market attention. The best place to start is by checking with your local, state and federal regulations before moving onto industry compliance requirements. Finally, remember that the world of online compliance is continuously evolving and therefore, your strategy for building a business presence online should also account for this.
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