Easiest Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads

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Finding a remote job that you can do while you travel might seem like the impossible dream. Some might think that only the “chosen few” get to work on their laptops while they relax on a beach in Bali with a colorful drink in one hand. But if you don’t give up in your search for remote work, you’ll often be surprised at the opportunities you find.

Every year, the list of easy remote opportunities for digital nomads gets bigger. You will learn about some of these opportunities, as well as where you can look to find them.

Computer Programmer

The travel blog FluentU lists computer programming as one of the best jobs for aspiring digital nomads. Programmers write computer code for websites, mobile apps, and software. If you have the skillset, programming is a job that you can do from almost every location in the world. You can even use coding education websites such as Codecademy, freeCodeCamp, and Team Treehouse to learn to code.


Copywriters write marketing texts for advertising and sales purposes. Copywriters can talk with all of their clients online. If they have a good Internet connection, a freelance copywriter can work from anywhere.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is a worker who performs small tasks for either a business or an individual. They are like personal assistants, but virtual assistants do all of their work remotely.

Video Editors/Video Production

With YouTube currently operating as one of the biggest online platforms, the demand for video editors will not disappear any time soon. If you’re a visually oriented person, start out by creating small videos about your life. Watch online tutorials on moodboarding, editing, and adding effects. Soon, you might find that you have a valuable skill that many YouTube creators will be willing to pay for in order to access your services.

Teaching English

If you’re a native English speaker, teaching English online can be a great way to earn money while traveling the world. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree, you should have no problem finding a position in at least one of the many online businesses that teach English to students all over the world. Digital Nomad Soul even says on their website that when you get hired at these online teaching platforms, you can often make your own schedule.

Building Websites Without Code

These days, plenty of nomads create stunning websites without knowing how to write one line of code. You can do this by getting familiar with different content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress. These systems come with templates that you can tweak to your or your client’s specifications. Once you take a couple of weeks to really learn the ins and outs of these content management systems, you can begin earning good money right away.

Start traveling around the world by looking for remote work today. Whether you’re looking for work in computer programming, copywriter positions, or work teaching foreign languages, it’s important to not give up on your search for remote work. The right job is out there. Keeping on with the remote job search will better ensure that you find it.

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