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EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Best features you need to know

Data recovery is a very hard job to do once you delete your data either intentionally or mistakenly. What is done is done be it Windows, or Mac, data is the important thing and there are many recovery software’s out there that promise to retrieve your data even after you lose them, but for the most parts, they fail to do so. With an aim to find a working data recovery software, we actually looked out hoping that we would find one and much to our surprise we did. EaseUS data recovery wizard is one such rare recovery software that does what it claims.

There is a free version and then there is paid version which does more things for if you are just looking for a simple data recovery tool, the free version does the job. The Wizard can recover any type of file you lost and any amount of data you want to recover. However, the most updated version of the EaseUS software is required for a large amount of data.

Starting off, the EaseUS software usage is very simple and anyone with few computer basics can use the tool right away. Using the software is simple and it only takes 3 steps; firstly you connect the device (unless you are scanning local storage), open the wizard and chose the location by navigating and click on start scanning to let the recovery software do its job. There is two type of scans; deep scan and fast scan. Once the scanning is done, the wizard shows you the recoverable files which you can recover instantly by tapping the recover button you see on the main screen.

It is capable of recovering data even from flash drives, and in various scenarios where you might have accidentally delete the data, format it, etc. it can recover any type of files be it images, videos, documents. The wizard tool also lets you save the scan for later where you can recover data without having to scan for lost files again. The free version lets you scan and recover data with a size of 2GB for free, so you can easily recover data like documents, pictures and a bunch of videos as well. Beyond 2GB, you would need to purchase the paid version to unlock the host of other features. Trust us, the software is worth every penny it is asking you and you wouldn’t regret buying it.

To conclude, data is the very most important thing for everyone and losing it will be a nightmare, but with EaseUS, you will have a peace of mind in recovering the data with ease just as its name. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is available for free and supports both Windows and Mac operating system. The company is currently running a sale on the software and you can get the paid version at a discount of flat $39.99 both for Windows and Mac.

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