Dyson Supersonic r: A Lighter, Smarter, and More Precise Air Dryer for Pros

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For years, salon professionals have battled hand fatigue and heat damage while striving for perfection with traditional hair dryers. Enter the Dyson Supersonic r, a revolutionary tool designed specifically for their needs. Unveiled on February 9th, 2024, this latest addition to the Supersonic family is a game-changer, boasting a 325-gram lightweight design, advanced heat management, and a suite of versatile attachments for diverse styling. This exclusive offering promises enhanced comfort, precision, and ultimately, healthier, salon-quality results for both stylists and their clients.

Key Highlights:

  • New professional-exclusive hair dryer: The Dyson Supersonic r is designed specifically for salon stylists, offering enhanced comfort and precision.
  • Lightweight and maneuverable: Weighing 325 grams, it’s Dyson’s smallest and lightest Supersonic model yet, reducing strain on wrists.
  • Advanced heat management: A new streamlined heater and intelligent sensors ensure hair is protected from extreme heat damage.
  • Multiple attachments: Includes five attachments for drying, smoothing, diffusing, and controlling flyaways.
  • Professional-grade results: Delivers powerful airflow, frizz-free finishes, and healthy-looking hair.

SS PRO Spec Image

Dyson Takes Hair Styling to New Heights with the Supersonic r

On February 9th, 2024, Dyson unveiled the Supersonic r, their latest innovation in professional hair styling tools. This new hair dryer caters specifically to the needs of hair stylists, aiming to reduce strain while offering salon-quality results.

Lighter Design, Enhanced Comfort:

The Supersonic r boasts a significantly lighter and more compact design compared to its predecessors. Weighing just 325 grams, it’s Dyson’s lightest Supersonic model yet. This reduction in weight minimizes strain on stylists’ wrists, especially during extended periods of use. Additionally, the ergonomically designed “r” curve allows for easier handling and better reach, reducing the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Intelligent Heat Management for Healthy Hair:

The Supersonic r prioritizes healthy hair with its advanced heat management system. A new streamlined heater distributes heat more evenly across the airflow, preventing extreme heat damage often associated with traditional hair dryers. Intelligent sensors within each attachment further optimize performance by automatically adjusting airflow and temperature based on the chosen attachment and hair type.

Versatile Styling with Multiple Attachments:

The Supersonic r comes equipped with five interchangeable attachments catering to diverse styling needs:

  • Powerful Air Attachment: For fast drying, even on thick hair.
  • Pro Concentrator: Delivers precise airflow for smooth, defined styles.
  • Gentle Air Attachment: Reduces frizz and defines curls for delicate hair.
  • Smoothing Nozzle: Detangles and smooths hair effortlessly.
  • Flyaway Attachment: Tames flyaways and creates a polished finish using the Coanda effect.

Professional Performance, Salon-Quality Results:

The Supersonic r promises professional-grade performance with powerful airflow and intelligent heat control. Users can expect faster drying times, frizz-free finishes, and healthier-looking hair with minimal heat damage.

Additional Information and Availability:

The Dyson Supersonic r is currently available exclusively to professional stylists and salons starting in April 2024. Pricing information is not yet available.

Dyson’s Supersonic r represents a significant advancement in professional hair styling tools. With its lightweight design, intelligent heat management, and versatile attachments, it empowers stylists to achieve salon-quality results while maximizing comfort and minimizing strain. While currently exclusive to professionals, the Supersonic r’s innovative features may trickle down to future consumer models, further revolutionizing the hair styling experience.

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