Drone rules of FAA not on the same page with passed legislations

A city council based in Miami has passed a new law that limits the usage of recreational drones. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has requested the council to pass the law in such a way that requires users to register in a database maintained by the agency beginning December 2015 without any significant conditions.

However, analysts are of the opinion that the new law has invoked a possibility of potential clashes across the country. There is an enormous concern about the safety and privacy of drones and lawmakers have been passing legislations without prior consultation.

As many as 20 states in the US have passed drone laws which include Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. The regulations are passed in such a manner that it dictates the areas where it should fly in addition to restricting the use of drones to snoop on neighbors.

Analysts are of the opinion that the intervention by FAA looks suspicious and frustrating to lawmakers since the agency want to pass bills in such a way that it suits them.

The various states have banned flights to cities and over residential homes citing privacy reasons. Moreover, violators have been charged with criminal and penalties. FAA wants to pass bills that are somewhat soft on offenders that the lawmakers oppose.

Ted Gaines, a Republican state senator, based in California has said that he will reintroduce drone bills that have been approved by the governor. The bills will be amended in such a way to give protection and security to people from the hands of anti-social elements.

The US expect that thousands of drones will be sold during the holiday season, and tight security measures are required to restrict its usage.

Lawmakers believe that the current federal rules on the registration of recreational drones are weak. Many of them argue that how a registration system will solve issues related to possible threats.

FAA has argued that it has the ultimate control over the banning of flights and issuing drone permits since they are the top regulator of US airspace.

Amazon and Google have been lobbying for several years with lawmakers to pass legislations that are soft and don’t attract penalties from the regulators. The companies would like to have widest possible latitude for their drones.

Some of the states within the US have imposed restrictions on the use of drones. For example, Chicago has prohibited drones above schools, libraries, churches and private property without prior permission.

You cannot fly drones within a half-mile radius of a large public event in Miami. If you are in Los Angeles, you cannot operate drones near airports and if a done owner violates it, he will end up to six months in Jail.

Amazon has been aggressively using drones to drop shipments in residential areas. However, they have to rethink the strategy based on new laws and also to follow the rules laid down by the respective counties.