Driven by music’s profound influence, 83% Indians acknowledge its de-stressing effects and its powerful role as a tool for relaxation: JBL’s survey this World Music Day

JBL, today announced the findings of a survey conducted on the occasion of Make Music Day, celebrated each year on June 21. This survey delves into the evolving music consumption preferences among Indians aiming to gain deeper insights into their changing trends and behaviors. Overall, the survey underscores the evolving landscape of music consumption in India and the profound impact music has on individuals’ lives. This, in turn, drives their willingness to invest in audio products that provide superior quality, durability, and immersive experiences to enrich their musical journeys.

The survey findings shed light on a significant shift among Indian audio enthusiasts, revealing their readiness to invest in audio products that prioritize quality and durability. This inclination stems from the profound impact that music holds in their lives. It is evident that music serves as a powerful tool for relaxation, with 83% of respondents acknowledging its de-stressing effects. Additionally, a substantial 86% of millennials and Gen Z individuals attest to music’s ability to boost their confidence and facilitate social interactions, underscoring the importance of immersive, high-quality audio experiences.

Furthermore, the survey highlights the multifaceted role of music in enhancing focus and productivity, as 82% of participants affirm that music helps them concentrate better. Interestingly, the influence of music even extends to dating preferences, with 60% of respondents admitting that their choice of music significantly impacts their romantic decisions.

Regarding music preferences, Bollywood music dominates as the most popular genre (37%), followed by rock (11%) and classical (11%). Nearly 50% of participants voted A R Rahman to be their favorite music artist. The contemporary Indian music scene is witnessing a diverse exploration of sounds, and Bollywood music now offers a wide range of options embraced by millennials and Gen Z.

In terms of music consumption, streaming platforms reign supreme, with 62% of respondents choosing them as their preferred music hubs. Additionally, nearly half of the participants opt for personal wireless headphones, prioritizing an immersive music listening experience.

The survey also reveals the growing significance of conversational AI in audio products, with respondents highlighting voice assistants such as Google, Siri and other built-in voice recognition as top features they seek in their audio gadgets. Alongside app compatibility, fast charging, dust and water resistance, and active noise cancellation, these features play a crucial role in shaping the audio preferences of Indian consumers.

“As we celebrate World Music Day, JBL takes pride in being a part of India’s evolving music landscape, recognizing the transformative power of music on individuals’ well-being and experiences. With our 76 years of rich legacy of excellence and extensive expertise in advanced audio innovations, JBL remains dedicated to enriching the way people enjoy and engage with music. Also, it is a joyous moment for us to witness A R Rahman being the most preferred music artist, who also happens to be our brand ambassador for over 12 years”, said Vikram Kher, Vice President, Lifestyle, HARMAN India.