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Download books to your mobile with the lightest Kindle application [APK]

I am not one of those who usually read books on the mobile phone no matter how much the screen of these devices is getting bigger, but I have downloaded them for specific moments, such as air travel. I have several reading apps purchased on Google Play, but I usually choose to download the books I have on the Amazon Kindle. It is one of the advantages of these devices: if you have a book purchased for the eBook reader you can also read it on the smartphone. And not only with a single official app …

The applications “Lite” or more reduced in weight are oriented to those devices with fairer software. We have Facebook Lite, Messenger Lite, all the reduced applications of Android Go … And also Amazon Kindle Lite, the electronic book reader has its own reduced version. It works just as well, it hardly occupies space and allows the download of books up to 2G.

A simple book reader that takes the Amazon library to almost any mobile

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Amazon Kindle Lite is only available in India, at least officially. Right now it has an update, version 1.1. But do not worry, you can download the previous version, 1.0, from the Uptodown page. Its operation is excellent: it provides a very comfortable reading without missing many more options.

Kindle Lite weighs about 2 MB, but that does not prevent you from accessing your entire Amazon library with the option of, how could it be otherwise, acquire new volumes with its integrated store. It is synchronized with your account without any problem, be it from the country that is. And it has no limitation: it will download and open your books regardless of the location and despite being officially only in India. Although yes, the language is English; without this presenting any problem.

The interface is clear and minimalist, especially at the time of reading. Kindle Lite offers day mode and also night mode: just press the button so that the screen background turns black. More comfortable for when there is not much light and also cheaper for OLED screens.


The app is designed for the smallest mobile phones in terms of features, which minimizes the space occupied by the application and books, also reducing the cost of data. The app offers a counter in its options that measures from the data used to what Kindle Lite occupies with the downloaded books. You can read your books even on a mobile without much RAM or storage. And without the operation at any time ballasting the processor.

Do you want to download the application? You can do it through the following link to Uptodown. At the moment only version 1.0 of Amazon Kindle Lite is available, but surely it will not take long to upload the update to 1.1. If you read your books on your mobile it is an excellent application.

 Download the Amazon Kindle Lite application