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Do we have enough space on the cloud to move everything there?

Cloud storage changed the whole concept of storing files. Earlier it was required to have a big hard drive on your computer to place every file and sometimes it was not enough. For instance, professional photographers who have thousands of photographs in high quality, or video game developers producing contents of gigabytes always complain about the scarcity of the storage.

Nowadays, the creation of the cloud has made the task simpler. We can store almost everything from our working documents to photos on cloud storage, and everything will be available. However, the concerns about the insufficient storage circulate all the time, and in this article, we will talk about that issue.

Who are cloud users in general?

Generally, the majority of cloud users are content writers, video game developers, and professional photographers. All of them have their own reasons: content writers find it comfortable to place Word documents online so that they can easily access them at any time. For video game developers high capacity is an utmost priority as they create graphics, sequences, and characters that require an enormous amount of space. As for professional photographers, they spend a lot of time creating good visuals, which ultimately drains a huge amount of storage.

Interestingly according to the research, one of the representatives of the cloud turned out to be online casinos. It has several reasons: first of all, when users play casino online real money games, usually such games are of good quality and big in size. Casino game developers work a lot to create these games, and instead of placing them on hard drivers, the cloud is a perfect destination for them. Matt Hayes, one of the employees of a Canadian online casino, declared that making new games requires a lot of energy and space. First, they create “patterns” that eventually become video games.

Moreover putting every detail on cloud storage, such as sports betting, statistics of users, etc. is more convenient online where they can access it without any problems.

Do we really have sufficient storage?

The next very important question concerns the availability of storage on the cloud. Generally, if one uses Google drive for uploading folders, documents, photographs it varies from 15GB to 30GB. It might not be ideal for “extreme” users, but an average person finds it possible to place everything there.

There are also opportunities when people can purchase additional space. They do not cost a lot, and for big companies, it is an excellent option in case they have problems with placing every file properly.

Some of the cloud storage services on the Internet offer customers unlimited access. The unlimited plan has no restrictions whatsoever on how much you can store on online servers. So it certainly proves that we do not have to worry about insufficient storage of the cloud. It simply will not occur because every cloud company ensures that its users are fully provided with the service they wish.

What is the future of cloud computing?

While a lot of people expect that cloud-based storage and cloud computing will increase significantly and cost cheaper in the future, there are possible threats regarding security. The latter is the first and foremost priority in the modern world. With the development of cloud and technologies, hackers are also improving their methods of exploiting the weaknesses of various services. Cyber-attacks are rampant, and sometimes it is very hard to protect against them. The cloud, which contains valuable information for people and employees alike will suffer a lot, in case it is compromised. But in regard to available space, we can be sure that everything will be alright.

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