Dino Disruption: Baldur’s Gate 3 Player’s Wild Shape Wrecks Cutscene

halsin romance baldurs gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has captivated players with its epic adventures and deep RPG mechanics, but sometimes, the unexpected takes center stage. A recent glitch involving the Druid’s Wild Shape ability has gone viral, turning a dramatic cutscene into a side-splitting comedy of errors.

Key Highlights:

  • Baldur’s Gate 3 player transforms into a dinosaur during a crucial cutscene,┬ácausing hilarious glitches.
  • Druid’s Wild Shape ability clashes with cutscene scripting,┬áleading to silent dino protagonist and out-of-sync animations.
  • Video of the glitch goes viral,┬ásparking laughter and memes among the Baldur’s Gate community.
  • Larian Studios acknowledges the issue and assures players a fix is incoming.

halsin romance baldurs gate 3

The hilarious incident unfolded as a player, Reddit user u/The_Blorch, approached a pivotal cutscene in their playthrough. Choosing to transform into a fearsome Dilophosaurus dinosaur using Wild Shape, they braced themselves for a dramatic showdown. However, what followed was far from what anyone expected.

Instead of participating in the cutscene as the mighty dino, u/The_Blorch’s character remained silent and awkwardly frozen. Despite the menacing roars and gestures of the cutscene’s human characters, the Dilophosaurus stood stoic, its only animation a comical twitch of its tail. To top it all off, the human dialogue subtitles continued to appear above the dino’s head, creating a surreal disconnect between the intended drama and the player’s reptilian form.

The video of the glitch, aptly titled “Dino Disruption,” quickly gained traction on Reddit and beyond. Players were in stitches, sharing memes and jokes about the stoic dino protagonist and its silent participation in the cutscene. The incident even caught the attention of Larian Studios, the game’s developers, who acknowledged the issue with a touch of humor.

The “Dino Disruption” glitch is more than just a funny meme. It’s a window into the complex world of Baldur’s Gate 3, where balancing mechanics, accessibility, and emergent gameplay all come into play. As Larian Studios continues to refine their ambitious RPG, players can expect the unexpected, both in terms of hilarious glitches and potentially innovative ways to embrace the chaos they create.

“We’ve seen your dino disruption videos, and we’re laughing along with you,” Larian Studios wrote on Twitter. “While we appreciate the entertainment value, we’re also working on a fix to ensure your dinos can properly participate in cutscenes in the future. Until then, enjoy the chaos!”

The “Dino Disruption” glitch serves as a lighthearted reminder that even in the most serious of RPG adventures, sometimes the unexpected can provide the funniest moments. It also highlights the passionate and engaged community that surrounds Baldur’s Gate 3, where players can find humor and camaraderie even in the face of glitches and bugs.

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