DIGISOL Systems Ltd has launched its latest AC1200 Dual Band Wireless broadband router – the Digisol DG-BR5411QAC. It’s the company’s newest affordable router with dual-band Wi-Fi support. Priced at INR 2799, the router supports dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5.0Ghz. We’ve been using the router for nearly a month now, let’s find out if it’s worth the buck.


The Digisol DG-BR5411QAC sports a rather bland look and feel. It’s certainly doesn’t sport a new-age design, as it looks rather simple. That said, the overall build quality is quite sturdy. The top of the router features tiny holes with LED indicators for power, dual-band Wi-Fi, WPS, and LAN. On the back, the router gets a single WAN port (Gigabit standard) along with four LAN ports. Besides, it comes with a bundled LAN cable. It also has four retractable Fixed 5dBi antennas in order to maximise range.

The router is made of high-quality plastic and for the price, the overall build quality is rather satisfactory. That said, this router doesn’t look particularly attractive.


While this router falls short when it comes to looks, it makes up for that in terms of day to day performance. The range is amazing, I can now get coverage all through the house. As already mentioned, this router supports dual-band 2.4Ghz and 5.0 GHz. Even with 4-5 devices connected simultaneously, the router was able to handle all the connections at ease.

Performance is blazing fast on my 100 Mbps plan with an ac Wi-fi connection. As for wireless, it supports 802.11ac which can go up to 867 Mbps as for the conventional 802.11n goes up to 300 Mbps. This speed is quite sufficient for gaming as well as high-quality video streaming. It also has IPv6 support. Apart from all this, the router has many functions to support VPN, dynamic DNS, dedicated firewall section, and a status page to display all the information.

Set up was easy, almost too easy. There is a setup wizard which will guide you if you’re not sure what you’re doing. It has all of the functions that you need. Besides, it also offers more advanced settings such as SSDI, bandwidth, and domain name. Also, you can use this router as an extender.

Wrap Up

If you don’t care about looks and are looking for a reliable dual-band router, look no further than the Digisol DG-BR5411QAC. It’s cheap, fast, and easy to setup. Besides, I did not experience any drop in connections despite connecting 4-5 devices with this router. The range is good and provides good signal strength throughout our house. I would recommend this router, especially for the price/performance.