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Differences between Mobile and PC Real Money Gaming

One of the most commonly asked questions is which device to use while gambling online? There are 2 main options. The first one is a PC, while the second option is a smartphone. Although you will get the same result, you will get it in a different way. There are massive differences when it comes to gambling using these two mediums. Let’s start with the basics.

Screen size

There is no doubt that the PC will always win in this case scenario. After all, the screen size depends on a computer screen size you have connected to your device. Keep in consideration that this can be an advantage or a drawback. For instance, if you have an old LCD screen, gambling won’t be much better than on a smartphone. In fact, it will be worse.

Overall, gambling via a computer may be a better option if you are looking to enjoy the best online casinos for real money as much as possible using a massive screen, fast internet connection, and a powerful PC. Don’t forget that playing casino games on high-end phones such as Razer Gaming Phone or ZTE Nubia Red Magic Mars can be extremely appealing as well.


In this case scenario, the situation is obvious. Smartphones are extremely more practical and convenient. You can gamble at an online casino while sitting in a park. You can gamble while walking. Doing the same on a PC is impossible. After all, you need to stay at home, to be on your desk, and to have an internet connection.

Many of you think that laptops are the answer. First of all, they are not the same as a PC, and we cannot compare them here! They are still far less convenient than smartphones, and most of you will always use them for gambling at home.

Smoothness of gaming

The smoothness of gambling refers to how smoothly games load, animations are presented, and how well the games work on that device. Straight ahead, we can see that PC will win with a massive difference. Will it?

The answer is maybe. If you have an old PC with 2-3GB of RAM and Pentium IV processor, you will have a hard time gambling online. First of all, you need to load a web browser. Google Chrome is one of the most demanding apps commonly used by all users! The situation isn’t much better with other web browsers. If you have a new smartphone, which is likely, gambling, in that case, is better on this device. If you have a new PC, then smoothness is better while playing on the computer.

Games available

A while back, this was a clear difference. Almost all casino games were available for PCs. The lists of smartphone casino games were extremely short. You were able to play a few games, and they were hard to get.

Today, the situation is equal. First of all, most of the older games are ported to work with smartphones. All new games are developed in HTML5 technology, which allows them to work on any device, including all smartphones.

You may believe that the situation is different with live casino games. After all, they do need faster bandwidth, better screens, and more powerful devices. Most of these games work on smartphones, as well.

The bottom line is that there are no massive differences. However, there is an advantage to computers. After all, they can run literally any game developed for online casinos. Smartphones can run most of them.


Which platform is easier to use? Although PCs have been with us for a long period of time, they are still complicated for some users. Smartphones, on the other hand, have been popular for a few years, but they feel more natural.

For a PC, you need to turn on a computer, to open Chrome, navigate to a casino, and then play. For a smartphone, you need to open an app and then pick a game you like. Through the app, you can control your account, make withdrawals, and all the rest.

In essence, PCs are easier for older gamblers, while smartphones are a definite choice of younger adults.

Promotions and offers

Gamblers can expect many bonuses and promotions at any online casino. How you get those bonuses is obvious. You will need to create a new account, and the casino will award your balance. All promotions are available via smartphones and computers, with one small difference.

Many casinos offer mobile-based promotions. These are special bonuses, free spins, and more than are given to players who use an app only. The offers are not available for PC users. A while back, this was extremely common, but today it is very rare. We can deduce that it is a small advantage in smartphone favor.

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