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Devil May Cry director plans to release a new game in 2017

DMC series creative director Hideaki Itsuno’s recent tweet has fueled speculations that Devil May Cry 5 could launch in 2017. It all began with a short message on his Twitter account, where Itsuno revealed his plans to announce a new game in 2017.

His short tweet got fans and publications excited that he may be referring to the next installment in the series in the form of DMC 5.

That said, Itsuno did not provide any information or clues as to what’s in store next, neither did he mention which game was he referring to specifically. But as expected, fans are now waiting to see the next Devil May Cry 5 after seeing Itsuno’s tweet.

DMC 5 is one of the most anticipated games from Capcom, something which fans of the franchise are keenly waiting for. But surprisingly, the company is yet to officially announce the game. Fans were eagerly waiting for Capcom to announce something big at the 2016 Tokyo Game Show. However, the company did not mention anything related to DMC 5, which eventually left gamers baffled as to whether they’ll even see Devil May Cry 5.

The DMC franchise recently celebrated its 15th anniversary, as the first title in the series was released back in 2011. Could Devil May Cry 5 finally see the light of the day? Do share what you think in the comments section below.