Detel Sargam & Rockstar Bluetooth Speaker review

After the smartphone market, we’re seeing a dip in prices for accessories as well. Now you get easily get good quality products at very competitive prices. Not long ago we reviewed a feature phone from a homegrown brand called “Detel”, now we have some budget Bluetooth speakers from them.

We tested out two Bluetooth speakers from Detel’s audio lineup called the Sargam and Rockstar. While the speakers do pack in a lot of stuff considering their price but are, they worth it? We find out in this review.


We’ll first look at Detel Sargam, which has a pill like design but is a little stretched out. The front is covered with the mesh grill with the dual 3W drivers underneath. On top, you will find four buttons for changing modes, skipping tracks, volume controls and call button.

Detel sargam speaker 2

Accompanying them are two microphones for taking calls. On the back are the various inputs and outputs, ranging from SDcard slot to USB A port for USB inputs, a micro USB port for charging and the power switch.

Coming to the Detel Rockstar, it’s got a more boombox vibe going around. The color we had was Blue and kind of looked cheap. There is a handlebar on the top, with the buttons underneath. The button layout is similar to that of Sargam with individual keys. Detel has stuck a pairing button here in place of the call button found on the Sargam.

Detel Rockstar speaker 2

The grill upfront is colour-coded with the speaker and carries the Detel badge. On both the ends, you will see a chunky faux Chrome rings. The speaker has exposed membranes on both the sides, giving you the feeling of a posh product. On the back are the same input ports seen on the cheaper Sargam speaker.


Both the speakers can be paired very easily using the Bluetooth. As soon as the speakers are turned on for the very first time, they are in pairing mode. They support a variety of inputs, like SD card, USB and Line in which can be selected using the mode button.

Detel Rockstar speaker 1

The speakers come with support for virtual assistants which can be accessed using your smartphones but the mics aren’t up to the mark.

Sound Quality and Battery

Talking about the audio quality, both the speakers are loud and offer ample sound considering their size. While the smaller Sargam uses two 3W units, the bigger Rockstar model uses two 5W units. Both the speakers use Bluetooth 4.0 and the connection was very much stable during our testing period.

Detel Rockstar speaker 3

The speakers are ideal for casual music listening sessions but work better with the volume levels set to 50%. Going beyond this volume level leads to increased noise and distortion. They are definitely not made music enthusiast and lack a broader soundstage. The speakers come with 1,200 mAh battery with the runtime of about 3 hours. Using a 1Amp wall charger, both the speakers take about 4 hours to completely top up the inbuilt battery.


  • Detel Sargam – INR 899
  • Detel Rockstar – INR 999


  • Sturdy Design
  • Multiple Input modes
  • Ease of use


  • Smaller battery
  • Longer charging times
  • Average Audio quality

Verdict – Should you go for it?

The speakers come with decent and modern design and a plethora of input options. They get very loud for their size but loose on the sound quality in doing so. The Detel Sargam seems to be a decent offering for its price but the same can’t be said for its older sibling. People looking for a wallet-friendly option can defiantly check both of them out.

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