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Detel D1 Boom and D4 Prime Review: Great backup phones with long lasting battery

Detel is a domestic electronics manufacturer renowned for making feature phones at very affordable prices. Last year. the company made headlines with the launch of Detel D1, India’s cheapest mobile phone priced at just Rs. 299. Now, the company has launched the Detel D1 Boom and Detel D4 Prime which are available exclusively on B2BAdda.com, or via the Detel’s official website. Priced at Rs. 699 and Rs. 599 respectively, these handsets are designed as a great backup or an emergency phone. We just got our hands the device for a review, let’s find out if it’s worth the buck.

Look and Feel

Detel 21

Both phones come packed in a nice rectangular box. I open the boxed packaging and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of these phones. I was honestly expecting cheaper plastic, but these phones actually look decent. The slightly textured back offers a firm grip while its tiny form factor makes it perfect for one-handed usage. Keypad/buttons are well made and deliver a good tactile feedback. The keys are very responsive as well, and there was no “laggy” feeling between button presses as with some smartphones!


Detel 20

Both handsets come with a 1.8-inch-TFT display. Nothing much to say here. But for something that under Rs.600, it does the job well enough. The important thing being I could read everything clearly.

Sound and Features

Detel 18

Good enough to play the FM radio – there is one my favorite shows on 94.3FM and I could hear every word, loud & clear, without the volume turned up even. I can’t speak for the music quality though, as I’m used to much better audio. The phone even has a camera. But let’s not expect too much here given its rather modest price tag. Not to mention, both handsets offer 16GB of expandable storage via microSD slot.


Detel 2

The phone has two SIM slots which house full-sized SIMs. It works as advertised. Call quality for both incoming as well outgoing calls was clear, and I faced no issues while making and receiving calls on the device. These handsets also have a panic button in the form of numeric key 5 to invoke emergency calls. Once a user presses the panic button, five calls will be made to emergency number 112. Following this, five SMSs will be immediately sent to police authorities, and another three to five SMS will be sent to family members of the user. It’s a part of Make in India initiative which had made it mandatory for mobile manufacturers to provide panic buttons in cell phones. Detel touts it’s the first brand to launch feature phones with the panic button to ensure women’s safety on the go.

Detel D1 BOOM

Detel D4 Prime


  • The FM radio is a really nice feature
  • The phone also comes with a Panic Button
  • Torchlight works well
  • Long-lasting battery


  • None at this price point

Wrap Up

Detel 25

Priced at Rs.699 and Rs.499 respectively, the Detel D1 Boom and D4 Prime work as a great backup or an emergency phone and that’s all it is. If you want it for that purpose, they do everything you need. These phones offer a solid battery life and work as great backup/emergency phones. That’s exactly what these phones are for. Overall, they’re definitely worth the price. I’m impressed that they managed to make a phone that looks decent, feels solid and allows dual-sim for a reasonable price. If you want a backup/emergency phone – these are it.

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