Desktop or Laptop: What to choose for gaming?


There always will be an endless battle of opinions between gamers about what is the best option for playing: computers or laptops? We won’t even mention the console guys who fairly look down at PC gamers.

However, it is hard to blame console lovers for their passion. We had gaming consoles way earlier we had a chance to play that first text-based quest game on the computer. Here you will find free ROMs and even emulators of different old consoles so that you can have an authentic experience.

But let’s get back to the war between laptops and computers. We will take a look at the pros and cons of these criteria:

  • Power
  • Gaming needs
  • Affordability
  • Opportunity to upgrade
  • Required space and portability


Let’s begin with the hottest criterion. Computer players claim that laptops are not even closely as powerful. It was a true point years ago. Today modern laptops don’t lose the competition at this point. Their CPU and GPU performance is just as high as with desktops, and top gaming laptops can handle 4K gaming. However, the lack of space makes it harder to cool all the hardware packed in the laptop. Here computers win – large boxes can fit more components, including the cooling system.

Gaming needs

Obviously, the needs of players differ. If all you play are nes ROMs on an emulator, you can use a simple office laptop for that. But if you’re willing to check out the latest titles that require a lot of resources to run, you will need a powerful desktop computer. There are gaming laptops that can handle high-res games. But they’re usually more expensive.


Computers, both laptops, and desktop are never cheap. When it comes to gaming tech, the price significantly increases. You can indeed find a laptop for around $1000 that will handle most games that are not too demanding of resources. But if you’re looking for more powerful hardware, desktops will be your choice in terms of price. The laptop with the same specs will be quite likely more expensive because the portability has its price, too.

Can you upgrade it?

If you have enough money at the beginning, you can just get yourself that cool gaming laptop and enjoy your life. But what if your budget is limited? Then you want to build the computer piece by piece as the money arrives. In this case, you should stick to desktops since they allow you to upgrade the hardware. You can start with the basic stuff and add hardware or upgrade some parts when your budget allows you to do so.

It is something you can’t do with a laptop. You will end up with the same device as you have started with. Desktops, on the other hand, are flexible when it comes to upgrades. You can adjust them to your new needs as they come up.

Space and portability

Desktops take a lot of space. You need a whole table for the system unit, keyboard, mouse, monitor, acoustic system, and so on. You can’t grab a desktop and take it with you when you go for travel. So laptops clearly win here. Even though gaming laptops are usually quite heavy.

Bottom line

Of course, it is hard to choose a winner here because both options have their pros and cons. You should consider your needs and opportunities and pick what fits you better. Or you can stick to emulator ROMs and forget about the tech hassle.

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