Dell India launches ‘Aarambh’ initiative to boost PC adoption in education

Dell India, a US-based computer technology company, announced on Monday the launch of its initiative ‘Aarambh’ an initiative that aims to educate students about the importance of personal computer in education.

The company released an official statement where it stated, “Aarambh is a pan-India initiative which aims to spread awareness among students about personal computer (PC) in education. The project will be done for a year to reach one million students from 5,000 students in 75 cities across the country. It will also target 1,00,000 teachers and around 2,00,000 parents to educate them about the importance of personal computer.”

The fundamental reason behind the project is an understanding that if students get exposed to interactive methods of learning basically by use of PC in the early years, it will contribute towards an overall growth of students.

Commenting on this new initiative by Dell India, P Krishnakumar, Vice President said, “With this initiative we want to help the young minds to learn new-age skills and the power of technology. It is the time of digital India and only if students are thoroughly educated about computers, they will be able to find a firm footing in today’s time.”

Dell India has realized that the market  is available for them to explore this new initiative. As per data, it’s been estimated that household PC penetration has stagnated between 9-10 percent. This project will enable both parents and teachers who play a prominent role in aiding in the overall educational development of the child.

‘Aarambh’ will bring on a series of activities which will build the confidence of students to become familiar with using PC. With India going the digital route having a personal computer will create a better ecosystem and supportive background for the young mind of the country.

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