With an increasing race in the tech industry to bring a digital revolution in the world, after electronic-wallets, now is the time for electronically obtained automated licenses. Recent advancements have already enabled smartphones to act as wallets, and now people can also obtain a digital driver’s license. News is that Delaware DMV has authorized the use of a digital license as an official hard copy replacement. People no longer are obliged to carry a plastic hard copy of their driver’s license with them.

The Delaware DMV has allowed the citizens to provide a digital version of their driver’s license as official proof of the document. However, it does not completely eliminate the traditional hard copy version as of now. It is only increasing their options apparently. Given that more and more people these days tend to use their smartphones as their wallets, it could be a wise move.

Last year, the state had authorized motorists to carry a digital version of their insurance as proof at traffic stops. Cash and credit cards are already beginning to be replaced by smartphones. Hence, the move is in line with the previous technological advancements. Nevertheless, the proposed system is being argued upon by many officials. Jeffrey Horvath, Lewes Police Chief, raised objections to the idea saying that the system proposes many difficulties. He asked if it would be apt for officers to take away a driver’s cell phone if he is found driving in a drunken state.

Concerns were also raised by other Delaware’s police Chief’s Council. Given that the system would only be officially acceptable in Delaware and Iowa, it would be trouble for people if they travel to, say, California with the digital license.

State officials also argued that the digital licenses are not intended to serve as a replacement for the hard copies. They are only to provide drivers more options and flexibility.