Déjà Vu for Pixel Users: Storage Bug Resurfaces After January Update

google pixel 7 obsidian snow and lemongrass colors

Pixel users, rejoice and then weep, for it seems a familiar foe has returned to haunt your devices. Just three months after a storage bug plagued Pixel phones running Android 14, reports are emerging of a resurgence following the January 2024 Google Play System update.

Key Highlights

  • Pixel users face storage access issues after January 2024 Google Play System update.
  • Bug مشابه the one encountered in October 2023, affecting camera app, Files app, and storage space.
  • Primarily impacting devices with multiple profiles, but wider spread observed.
  • Google investigating the issue; temporary workaround involves disabling multiple profiles.

google pixel 7 obsidian snow and lemongrass colors

As per user accounts and media reports, the bug manifests in several ways, including:

  • Internal storage not being recognized: Files and apps stored internally become inaccessible, leading to app crashes (especially the camera app), the Files app displaying no content, and error messages like “storage is full” despite ample free space.
  • Missing data: Screenshots and other files mysteriously disappear.
  • General storage woes: The phone’s storage meter might inaccurately reflect available space.

While the issue primarily affects devices with multiple profiles, reports suggest it’s not entirely isolated. Pixel models from 5 to 8, including the Fold, seem susceptible. This wider impact raises concerns compared to the October incident, which was primarily attributed to multiple profiles.

Deja Vu of October 2023:

This recurrence bears an uncanny resemblance to the storage bug encountered in October 2023. Back then, Google identified the culprit as a conflict with multiple profiles and rolled out a fix in November. However, the January update appears to have reintroduced the problem, leaving users frustrated and questioning the stability of their devices.

Google Acknowledges and Investigates:

Google has acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating the cause. In the meantime, a temporary workaround suggested by some users involves disabling multiple profiles on their devices. While this might mitigate the problem for some, it’s not an ideal solution for users who genuinely rely on the feature.

Google’s Response and Timeline:

  • Provide more details about Google’s official response, including their communication channels and any estimated timelines for a permanent fix.
  • Mention if Google has acknowledged any potential causes or offered alternative workarounds besides disabling multiple profiles.

Community Response and Workarounds:

  • Highlight any community-driven solutions or workarounds that have emerged, but emphasize caution and advise users to proceed with such solutions at their own risk.
  • Briefly mention alternative storage solutions users might consider as temporary measures.

Impact on Pixel Sales and Reputation:

  • Discuss the potential impact of this recurring bug on Pixel sales and Google’s reputation, especially considering the competition in the smartphone market.
  • Briefly mention any ongoing discussions or concerns within the tech community regarding Google’s handling of software updates and bug fixes.

Uncertain Future for Pixel Storage:

The reappearance of this storage bug casts a shadow on the reliability of Pixel devices, particularly for those who heavily utilize internal storage or rely on multiple profiles. While Google’s investigation offers a glimmer of hope, the lack of a permanent fix and the potential for wider impact compared to the October incident are cause for concern. Pixel users can only wait and hope for a swift and effective resolution from Google.


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