Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor: A Fresh Take on Auto-Shooter Mining Adventures

A Fresh Take on Auto-Shooter Mining Adventures

In the vast, procedurally generated universe of video games, “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor” emerges as a standout title, offering a unique blend of survival, mining, and auto-shooter gameplay. Developed by Funday Games and published by Ghost Ship Games, this early access title builds on the legacy of its predecessor, “Deep Rock Galactic,” by introducing a single-player experience that pits players against the hostile environments of Planet Hoxxes.

Key Highlights:

  • “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor” is an early access, single-player spin-off of the popular “Deep Rock Galactic” game.
  • The game features a top-down perspective, focusing on mining, combat, and exploration in a procedurally generated world.
  • Players can choose from four playable characters, each equipped with over 30 weapons to battle more than ten enemy types across various biomes.
  • The game emphasizes a deep progression system, allowing for significant customization and power-ups through perks, artifacts, and upgrades.
  • Developed by Funday Games and published by Ghost Ship Games, it entered early access on Steam on February 14, 2024.

A Fresh Take on Auto-Shooter Mining Adventures

“Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor” distinguishes itself with its engaging gameplay mechanics, where players delve into the depths of Planet Hoxxes to mine riches while fending off deadly alien creatures. This survival-like auto-shooter demands strategic planning, as players must choose their paths carefully, upgrade their arsenal, and survive against increasingly challenging obstacles to secure their loot.

The development journey of “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor” is as intriguing as its gameplay. Funday Games, known for titles like “Don’t Die in the West,” embarked on this project inspired by a conversation at the 2022 Gamescom convention. The game aims to blend the addictive elements of “Vampire Survivors” with the rich, cooperative mining experience “Deep Rock Galactic” is known for, all while maintaining a unique identity that appeals to both veterans of the series and newcomers alike.

As of its early access launch, the game boasts an impressive array of content, including multiple character classes, a wide variety of weapons, diverse enemy types, challenging bosses, and varied biomes. These elements combine to create a dynamic and replayable experience that evolves with community feedback. Ghost Ship Games and Funday Games have expressed their commitment to expanding the game during its early access period, promising an even richer experience as development progresses.

The release of “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor” has been met with enthusiasm, marking a significant expansion of the “Deep Rock Galactic” universe. Its early access phase is not just a period of testing and refinement but an opportunity for players to shape the game’s future, contributing to its development with their feedback and insights.

In conclusion, “Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor” is a compelling addition to the auto-shooter genre, offering a rich blend of mining, exploration, and combat. Its procedural generation ensures that no two playthroughs are the same, while the deep progression system offers players a sense of growth and achievement. As the game evolves, it promises to cement its place as a beloved title within the gaming community, offering both challenges and rewards to those brave enough to face the depths of Planet Hoxxes.


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