De-stress with Yoga skills from Alexa

Your mental and physical well-being depends on your ability to de-stress, and on the occasion of International Day of Yoga, let’s put away our stress with a little help from your smart home buddy Alexa.

Unwinding at home with your family is now better, and here are a few skills that can help improve and make your yoga workout sessions more interesting.

Unwinding with Shilpa Shetty: Practicing yoga at home can be difficult sometimes and, to ensure you are getting it right, Alexa brings you a yoga skill with expert Shilpa Shetty. Just ask, “Alexa, open Shilpa Shetty Yoga” and by learning the correct postures, you can carry out yoga workouts anytime.

Calming your soul with Nature: Nature helps you stay calm. The pleasant sound and the soothing melody of forests, rain, or oceans is now on Alexa’s ‘Nature Sound’ skill. Just ask “Alexa, open Nature Sounds” or “Alexa, play ocean/rain/forest sounds” and get ready to dive in.

Learning the Art of Living: Meditating requires guidance and patience, and there’s nothing better than getting an environment of peace and calm at home. With Alexa’s ‘Art of Living skill’, you can not only meditate and relax but also gain wisdom from the Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and listen to the Art of Living’s popular Bhajans. Just say, “Alexa, help me meditate” and brighten up your yoga workouts.
Match your music to your Asanas: Make your yoga workouts more interesting with just the right music. Set the mood by asking “Alexa, play yoga music” or “Alexa, play meditation music” and your yoga session can kick-off!

Learning life with Sadhguru: While yoga benefits your soul and body, wise words enlighten your mind. By listening to Sadhguru’s teachings from your Alexa device, you can experience the best of both worlds by tuning in to Alexa’s Sadhguru skills. Just say “Alexa, open Sadhguru” and choose from a wide variety of topics to tune in.

Guide for your Headspace: Sometimes keeping track of your workout can get tough and this is when you need guided support. With Alexa’s Headspace skill, you can access a new guided meditation every day along with some sleep exercises that help you stay calm and relaxed. To enable this skill, just ask ”Alexa, open Headspace” and try new regimes everyday.

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