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Dave Anonuevo lands Record Deal with Simplify Recordings, now available on Spotify

Dave Anonuevo is one of the rare multifaceted talents to emerge in Singapore, being as much skilled in the field of technology as he is in music. He is among the brightest stars to emerge in the music scene in the island nation, having collaborated with some of the other leading musical talents in the nation to produce some stellar pieces of musical art.

An early musical adventure that bears signs of his ability happens to be a brilliant piece with Joshua Simon. In fact, with the sort of popularity that Joshua Simon’s debut album, Filthy acquired. It perhaps is predictable for someone of Dave Anonuevo’s caliber to be able to provide a rework on it.

It’s the last song, Hush, that Dave got to weave his magic on, and the result is for all to listen and behold. Such has been the rework that anyone who has listened to the original will get to instantly connect to the new version though anyone who has listened to Dave before will know there is some Dave Anonuevo-magic at work here too. Although it was his first Spotify release, it was added to more than 5 Official Spotify Playlists on the First Day. It went for more than 10,000 plays within a week, with the number steadily growing with each passing day.

While Dave can be considered to have music imbibed in his genes, his learning in music production started in 2016. He has been composing music since then, with his music getting played on Kiss92. For those who might need an intro, Kiss92 happens to be one of the biggest English radio stations operating in Singapore.

His songs transcend to various other platforms,  given the huge appeal they had. For instance, Dave’s songs got played at various events, notable among them being the EATBOX 2019 event by Artbox & Sound Port by Clarke Quay. He has even been nominated for music awards like the Youth Music Awards 2020 organized by SCAPE and has achieved a total online music count of 169.4k at time of writing.

Among his latest achievements include a record deal with Simplify Recordings for his latest song “Let Me Drown”, which is now available on Spotify. This can be considered a watershed moment in the musical career of Dave as the availability of his songs on Spotify will mean a huge audience getting to listen to his creations. 

Of course, all of this did not come in a moment. Rather it has been the culmination of a series of events that marked his musical career so far. For instance, apart from the other achievements that he amassed and have been mentioned above, his music has regularly been reviewed by The Straits Times, the largest Newspaper in Singapore, apart from other local music blogs.

Dave also achieved school-level recognition when Ngee Ann Polytechnic shared his song on social media. He was even interviewed, which is featured in one of the episodes played on the school radio club. On SoundCloud, his release met with a huge positive response and garnered 20,000 or so plays.

Apart from his musical forays, Dave is equally passionate about using the latest technological means to create innovative solutions to help people in their daily chores. An example mentioned in his LinkedIn profile is Learn Tech, which is described as a Flutter Application that is designed to make elders familiar with WhatsApp.

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