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Datacenter IP Proxies vs Residential IP Proxies

Datacenter vs. residential proxies is a popular online debate amongst industry experts and one that largely draws the same conclusions. There are exceptions of course, but most believe that residential proxies are better for hiding your IP on mass than datacenter proxies. Datacenter proxy speed and reliability is sound if you only have one or two accounts, but they perform drastically less with multiple accounts and are massively prone to large and damaging subnet bans.

Despite the limited resistance, there are a few reasons why you should choose rotating residential proxies over datacenter proxies;


Residential proxy IPs are widely regarded as more authentic than datacenter proxy IPs and are generally more trusted by security systems as residential IPs are associated exclusively with real residential addresses. Certain sites can easily detect where a proxy connection is being used and are able to subsequently block the datacenter it comes from as their IPs are easier to acquire than residential ones. Unfortunately, datacenter IPs are more likely to be banned as the general perception is that their users are hiding their IP because of unwanted trolling or malicious intent.


Rotating residential proxies are proficient at overcoming geographical blocks because of the broad range of locations they are able to connect from. This gives them a distinct range advantage due to the capacity the rotation provides over the data center proxies that in comparison have extremely limited range.

Sneaker Bot Preference

Selecting the correct style of proxies for sneaker bots is imperative. Sneaker proxies hide your IP address, so a sneaker bot can connect to the supplier site and add products to the cart multiple times much quicker than any human could dream of. Only the best proxies will survive this because of the intense scrutiny sneaker bosses and their security place on this kind of online behaviour. The best recommendation is to make its actions look natural, and residential proxies are better than any datacenter ip proxy for looking like a real user.

Things To Consider When Comparing Residential vs. Datacenter Proxies

Bans: Datacenter proxies get massive subnet bans if just one IP is found. Residential proxies are better, simply because they are unique.

Speed: You will always receive the optimum speed if you select a location near your target. Datacenter proxies are normally slightly quicker, but speed is not the ultimate factor, because if you act too fast, it raises awareness of your presence and your face being blocked.

Price: Shared residential proxies represent the best value, they are cheaper as you can use multiple IP addresses simultaneously. Paying expensive fees for either residential or datacenter proxies is unnecessary especially as the datacenter cannot guarantee the proxy hasn’t previously been used.

Uniqueness: All residential proxies are more unique than any data center proxies. There is no debate, this is a fact.

International Release Usability: Datacenter proxies only work in the country where its servers are located whereas global residential IP networks can be configured to fit the relevant country’s proxy internationally.

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