Aros Laptop stand Turf Vegan leather desk mat 2 Aros Laptop stand Turf Vegan leather desk mat 2

Daily Objects Aros Laptop stand & Turf Vegan leather desk mat Review

Most of the people today are preferring for Work from Home during this pandemic just to be safe. And during this exercise, not everyone has the resources to exactly replicate the work settings. This is where nifty accessories come in the picture.

We bring you two accessories that can help boost your wellbeing and productivity, while not breaking a bank. So, we were sent the Aros – Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand and the Turf office mat by daily objects and we have been using both of them for a while now, and here’s what we liked.

Aros – Adjustable Laptop/Tablet Stand

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It’s an interesting product that would surely help you in keeping your posture right and hence improve your health and productivity. The stand sports an all-aluminium build with plastic inserts at the bottom and rubber supports strategically placed for better grip and support. The metal build helps with the sturdiness and adds heft to the stand. It is fairly lightweight, so you carry this easily in your backpack.

The stand has a solid hinge which lets you prop the stand at three different angles. Each angle brings something to the table, for example, if you are someone who sketches a lot on a tablet, the 23-degree angle will help you get a comfy grip. For people that type a lot, the 43-degree angle works the best. The stand is hollow in the middle to help with the heat dissipation. During our testing period, we used a tablet and a wide array of laptops and the stand didn’t budge. And at the price of INR 2,999 – You’ll be getting a very high-quality solid build metal frame ultra-portable laptop elevating stand which you can carry with you anywhere easily.

Turf Vegan Leather Desk Mat

This mat is a Made in India product, made entirely by hand, even down to the stitching on the edges which reeks quality. As mentioned in the naming itself, it’s vegan leather and hence demands slightly less maintenance. It is available in a bunch of colours and in a standard 85×45 cm size, the one we have with us is Tan shade.

The good thing about the mat is its sheer size, which is ideal for small to medium size desks/tables. We were able to fit a compact 14” laptop, along with a tab and a notebook and were still left with some space for a mouse and keyboard combo. The mat is reversible, meaning you could flip it any time if one side starts showing signs of wear and tear. The brand claims that it is water and heat-resistant and though we did not notice any major issues on our unit, how this will hold after prolonged usage could not be determined in our short testing window. Nonetheless, at the price of INR 2,499, we are quite confident that it will hold up to the claims.

Verdict – Should you go for it?

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Both the products get our recommendation. The Aros adjustable stand is something that has helped us to keep our posture in check. It is solid and would really hold over time, plus the portability factor gets the Browne points. Talking about the mat, we honestly weren’t sure of the use case, at least in our setup, but it did help with elevating our makeshift office setup.