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Cyber Essentials scheme and its benefits in the company’s growth

Protecting your business venture, whether small, medium or big be the size, from cyber hackers is an unavoidable fact. In this world of development, certain technologies have made it possible for the bad guys to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in the information technology of a company for their monetary needs. Cyber Essentials Scheme is a save in this situation.

Cyber Essential is a scheme developed by the government to ensure that every business is secured in the online world from basic cyber attacks. A cyber hacking can cause serious reputation and revenue loss. The attackers may be taking advantage of your saved customer information and company financial dealings.

This valuable information will be used by the attacker to abduct money from the company or to affect the reputation. These attacks will be causing company breaks down and loss of many potential customers. Once attacked, the trust customers and investors had in your venture may fade away forever and it will be difficult to gain it back.

There are two forms of Cyber Essentials Certifications available: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus. The overall concept of this scheme is to ensure that the company in question to be well protected against those basic security breaches and vulnerabilities. You can do a self-assessment on your information technology system or hire an expert from external bodies to do the job.

The basic areas of coverage are:

  • Internet gateways and firewalls
  • Configuration securing
  • Accessibility control
  • Malware and intrusion protection
  • Management of patches

All these areas should be covered while the assessment takes place. The systems like desktops, computers, smartphones, etc. are the internet connected devices used by the people, which fall under the assessment strategy of the Cyber Essentials scheme. The online platforms like emails, websites and other servers come under internet connected category. These are the main technologies where attacks will be happening.

To get the plus certification or simple Cyber Essentials one, you should first of all select a well-reputed accreditation body. This accreditation body will lead you to further certification procedures, and from the selected certification body a set of questions will be provided. This questionnaire contains every detail to be answered regarding your information technology security standards.

In the Cyber Essentials procedure, an expert from your company itself can analyze the security system and complete the questionnaire before submission. Further on, an official from the body will be reviewing your form and may ask for certain proofs and evidence to ensure the security.

In the Plus procedure, the analysis will be done by external expertise, and the questionnaire will be completed according to this assessment. The real plus point of this procedure is that the experts will give you more knowledge about settling the breaches and vulnerabilities in your technology.

The area of certification will be clearly mentioned in the Cyber Essentials Certificate, and the certification body will provide a badge. This badge can be pinned in your official sites and products to show that you are well protected from the bad guys.

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