Creative Outlier On-Ear Bluetooth Headphones launched, priced at Rs. 6499

Creative announced Outlier Bluetooth MP3 headphones in India. Priced at Rs. 6,499, Creative Outlier headphones will be available in India starting this month. The headphones will be available for sale this month for Rs. 6,499 at Amazon India as well as Creative’s website.

Creative Outlier’s ear cushions are crafted from soft-protein leatherette that allows it to be worn all day comfortably. The body is built for durability provisioning free-outdoor usage. Hand-in-glove with its durability is its ability to keep track of your physical activities and workouts with the ‘Pacer Mode’.


Another important feature to note is that the ‘Outlier’ can read out notifications on supported Android devices that are connected to it. Creative’s free text-to-speech app enables this and is available for free to all Android users.

Another interesting change Creative Outlier brings is the option of colored silicone rubber rings that fit around the ear cups. Packaged in pairs of 6 colors, they allow you to have 30 different color combinations on your ‘Outlier’ and also enable optimum playback sound effects. One of these rings called the ‘Rainbow Loom’ is meant to power up the bass effect.

Creative Outlier allows one to listen to music in different ways, such as Bluetooth, stand-alone from headphones that support up to a 32GB microSD card, USB from your computer device and also 3.5mm aux-plug that virtually connects any device with audio playback capabilities.

Creative Outlier comes with black rubber rings fashioned around the ear cushions, provides up to 10 hours of playback in a single charge; depending on the method of connectivity and allows you to make high clarity voice calls (up to 8 hours of talk-time in a single charge) owing to its ClearSpeech Engine that cancels external noise.

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