Cosmic Watch App Review: Astronomy made interactive

Cosmic Watch is not just another clock to show time; it tells time by visualizing the Earth cycles and the solar system. If you are keen to know about our Earth more by visualizing it from space and how we started to understand and measure time, Cosmic Watch app can take you to space and show you time according to our earth celestial coordinates using a neat and interactive GUI.

The app starts like all other clocks by showing you time in numbers; one tap of a button reveals the graphical interface with 3D Earth. You can interact with the 3D Earth by zooming in or rotating the globe. You can tap on the globe to check out the city, and by zooming in you can explore the whole world.

Cosmic Watch App Modes

World Clock

The default face of the app which shows the time with 3D Earth and its celestial dimensions. You can use your phone or tablet as desk clock by holding them in a case with a kickstand. Plug in the tablet for charging so it doesn’t get off. For keeping the device from sleeping, go to settings and choose don’t sleep while charging. In some devices, this setting is called as “Kiosk Mode.”

Astronomy Mode

The Astronomy Mode shows the Earth surrounded by neighboring planets and constellations around the Earth. You can explore the local sky and find out the time or rise, transit, and setting of planets and stars.

Astrology Mode

Astrology Mode is the most interesting mode (only if you know something about astrology), it shows  planets with ancient symbols and zodiac signs. You can see your natal chart, find out which sign is your ascendant, see moon knots, check if the planet is opposition or in conjunction. Even if you don’t know much about astrology, give it a try playing around planets with a flick of your finger.

Minimal Mode

Tap the Cosmic Watch logo icon to enable the minimal mode. This mode removes all the guidelines and shows just the earth, sun, moon and the planets. This mode can be used as a benchmark for display options.

Solar System Mode

Solar system mode shows the solar system in a different way where you can interact with the whole solar system. You can fast forward time to understand the motion of all the planets in solar system. This mode can explain the retrograde motion of planets.

Control the time

One of the main features of this app is The Time Control. The Time control is the feature where you can control time with cool animation. You will see some controls including the fast forward button which fast forwards the time with a cool animation. Pause button stops the fast forwarding time, and you can reverse the time using the reverse button. Now button is useful for going back in the present time.


Cosmic Watch includes lot more features which you can explore by installing it on your smartphone or tablet. The Cosmic Watch app is available for Rs. 136 on Google Play Store and Rs. 250 on Apple iTunes.