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Cosmic Byte EP-05 Gaming earphones Review

More and more young people are investing in gaming goods as the popularity of E-Sports increases throughout the country. But in order to play better, every gamer needs a nice pair of headphones as essential gear. Despite the market being flooded with choices at all price points, we gave Cosmic Byte’s CB-EP-05 Gaming headphones a shot. These headphones offer an aggressive design, a generously long and high-quality cable, a detachable microphone, and a typical gamer-focused appearance. The Cosmic Byte CB-EP-05 Gaming Headphones are being sold at a sticker price of INR 899. Should you pick a pair to elevate your gaming experience? Let us find out in our review.

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  • Cosmic Byte CB-EP-05 Gaming Earphones
  • Detachable microphone
  • Documentation & Warranty guide

Design & Fit

IMG 20230127 145103612 result scaledThe headphones have a solid, well-built feel in terms of design. You get a fairly standard-length braided cable from the Y-junction down to the 3.5mm audio jack. For more outstanding sound quality, the jack on these earphones is Y-shaped and gold-plated. Moving to the earbuds, they have plastic housing and the earphones are available in just a single color option. This arrangement appears to fit the matte paint job. The earbuds’ aggressive design, which is firmly geared at gamers from the outset, is what gives them character.

IMG 20230127 145902691 result scaledIn terms of fit, the angled earbuds aid in providing a secure fit; in our case, the medium tips performed the job effectively, but we still insist on purchasing a quality set of ear tips. There is an audio jack placed on the right earbud that is used to attach the detachable microphone. The remote with its three buttons are positioned in the middle for convenience. Three pairs of ear tips are included in the packing; however, they are of a low quality, thus we advise purchasing a better set.


IMG 20230127 145338069 result scaledThese Cosmic Byte EP-05 Gaming earphones pack 10mm dynamic drivers, one on each side. These large drivers are a very typical feature of earphones these days. They definitely have a lot of bass, which Indian audiences adore. As per our tests, the drivers appear to be tuned to provide the best lows while neglecting the mids and highs. The lower midrange feeds over the bass boost, which has an impact on the mids. We did like the good instrument separation, though. They do provide balanced stereo separation, which is essential for first-person shooter games. The audio coming from the mics throughout our games was clear and loud. None of our teammates in either title complained of audio glitches or artifacts.IMG 20230127 145442070 result scaled

Verdict – Should you buy it?

In a sea of identical alternatives, the Cosmic Byte EP-05 Gaming earphones stand out as a set of low-cost gaming earphones. The earbuds were undoubtedly designed with the common user in mind. We believe that a little different tuning might have improved the soundstage. They are suitable for taking calls as well given the excellent audio coming from the microphone as well as the noise isolation. Buyers interested in more traditional alternatives may also check out the Sennheiser CX 80S or the Audio Technica ATH CLR 100s, which are also well-rounded options minus the gaming earphone appeal.