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A corrupted video is causing iPhones to freeze, requires hard reset

If you own an iOS powered gadget, you need to be aware that a malicious link has been floating around the web that will cause your iPhone to freeze. You should perform a hard reset in case if your iPhone or any iOS gadget is frozen.

The latest report is that if you play a certain MP4 video in Safari on any iOS handset or iPad, it will cause the relevant gadget to become slow. The gadget will freeze, which will render the phone unusable.

A YouTube user with the name EverythingApplePro has released a video, which showcases that playing a video in Safari will cause iOS to overload and become unusable. We don’t have a correct explanation as to how this occurs.

According to experts, the iOS gadget will freeze if you play a corrupted video, which causes a memory leak. If you play the video, iOS will not be able to handle it properly. The bug is not specific to a certain iOS build. The video reveals that the malicious video played on an iPhone loaded with iOS 5 causes the phone to freeze and become unusable.

It has been found that if the bug is replicated in iOS 10.2 beta 3, the iPhone will power off and display the spinning wheel indefinitely. You will view this kind of behavior during the shutdown procedure.

Fix the bug

If your iPhone is affected as a result of the bug, you can fix it easily. You just need to hard reboot the gadget. In iPhone 7, you need to long press the power and the new non-mechanical Home button simultaneously.

To avoid the problem, you should not select any links, which you receive from any unknown source.