Corning reveals Gorilla Glass DX products to make camera systems more durable in future smartphones

Corning, known for its toughened glass for use as smartphone displays or back covers has now come up with the Gorilla Glass with DX and Gorilla Glass with DX+ interface which is designed to add a layer of protection to the smartphone cameras. The company said the above is achieved without compromising on the amount of light that is incident on the camera sensor, which means the addition of a new high-strength camera lens cover won’t be impacting the actual performance of the camera itself.

As it is, smartphones have increasingly come to be judged for their camera performance. This has also emerged as one of the key factors that decide the purchasing decisions of most smartphone buyers. Research has also shown that a whopping 350 billion pictures have been clicked with smartphones since 2010 though the same is expected to increase to 1.4 trillion per year.

This should be enough to justify the amount of resources that are being put in by the smartphone manufacturers or scientists. The aim is to make smartphones capable of shooting professional-grade images in any lighting conditions. That again is determined by the amount of light that enters the camera while reflections within the camera too are reduced to just the minimum.

It is here that the new Gorilla Glass with DX and Gorilla Glass with DX+ scores over conventional technologies given its ability to resist scratches, allow transmission of maximum light, or 98 percent to be precise, while also ensuring adequate protection as well. All of this assumes importance now that camera surface has been increasing over the years. Even entry-level phones have come to feature dual-lens cameras while high-end devices have three or even four-lens camera systems.

Corning also revealed Samsung would be the first company to be using Gorilla Glass DX for its upcoming smartphone devices.