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How to copy Music and Video files from MacBook to Android device

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Having trouble playing your multimedia files and songs purchased on iTunes on your Android device? As we’re all aware, MacBook doesn’t allow users to mount their Android devices as an external hard drive via a USB cable. This makes it a bit of a hassle to transfer music from your Mac to an Android phone or tablet. Though worry not for we’ve got you covered. Below is a list of steps to help you copy music and video files between your Mac and an Android device: 

Method 1

Step 1:

Download and install Android File Transfer on your Mac (OS X 10.5 or later). The application allows you to transfer files between Mac and Android device (Android v 3.0 or later). You can download it via the link here.


Step 2:

Next step is to enable USB Mass Storage mode on your Android. To do so, just head over to Settings > More (under Wireless and network) > USB utilities > Set USB cable connection mode. Then, select “Connect storage to PC“.

Step 3:

After you’ve enabled USB Mass Storage mode, you’ll get a notification asking you to “Connect your USB cable to use mass storage.” Then connect your Android phone or tablet to the Mac with USB cable.

Step 4:

Now that both devices are connected, launch the Android File transfer by double-clicking on your Mac to open it.

Step 5:

The final step is to go to ‘Finder‘ on your Mac to find music and movies, and just drag and drop them to the desired folder on your Android phone or tablet.

Method 2

You can also transfer files between your Mac and Android using Wondershare TunesGo. It’s a Mac to Android transfer application which enables you to drag and drop your desired music from a Mac to Android. The app is compatible with over 2,000 Android devices. However, this not a free file transfer tool.


Below is a list of steps you should follow to transfer files from Mac to your Android device using Wondershare TunesGo:

Step 1:

Launch the Wondershare TunesGo app for Android on your Mac.

Step 2:

Connect your Android device to the Mac via the USB cable. Once detected, your Android phone or tablet will show up in the primary window.

Step 3:

Next step is to find songs and playlists on your Mac that you want to transfer. Then just, drag ad drop them on your Android device.

Step 4:

To transfer music and playlists from iTunes to Android, just click on ‘Sync’> and tick on Sync iTunes to Android. You have the option to sync the entire library or any playlist of your choice.


Both the above-mentioned methods are easy to use to transfer music and video files from Mac to Android device, though Wondershare Tunes Go is not a free file transfer tool. Try these apps out and if you experience any trouble, do tell us in the comments section below.

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